It all ends… – A REPOST

No two days are alike. Sure, some things may always happen in every day like you always wake up to the same old blue painted room; always bathe inside your bathroom; and always go to the same old boring class; but no two days are alike simply because you are one day older – and hopefully, wiser. With age comes experience, yes. And also, with age comes wisdom. For wisdom is not taught to us by the pages of a book and not taught to us by the lines from a movie and a play. We learn wisdom as we go through our lives and live. What is the point of living when you are merely doing things routinely? A friend once said, the purpose of living is dying. He is correct. A friend also said, that life is about living. That is also true. Because when you do know why you are alive, then only then will accept that death comes to us all. Only then will you not be afraid of dying, and will you start living. The purpose of living, is dying because death completes life. Life is about living life to the fullest and knowing that death comes to all and all things come to an end. No two days are alike because today, you might die.

And that is what makes life the greatest gift. It encompasses all truths. It encompasses death, human emotions, instinct, contentment.

Oblivion is real, things will eventually be forgotten. But that doesn’t matter.

Because in our deathbed, the very thing we will think about is this:

We have lived a life more than life, and it is enough.

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