Tomorrow is the

fifteenth of this month, and I

cannot wait for it!

10 thoughts on “PAY DAY (A HAIKU)

    1. I’m glad you like it! I really want to watch Spiderman: Homecoming so I am looking forward to pay day. Hahah. Although I’m sure in a week, the money’s going to be spent already and be gone before the next pay. LoL.

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          1. Hahah. My wallet will love you for a friend! I love reading your haikus too. I’m certainly looking forward to more of yours! Someday soon, I might just have a separate category for haikus. They are indeed cool ways to express wit, humor, and other types of emotions. Nice!

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          2. You bet, there is more where that came from! (haiku, that is!) Need to write one about “wallets” and the other about “payday”. Thanks for the prompts!
            Looking forward to more posts from you too 🙂

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          3. There’s an idea floating… something along the lines of a haiku book with a coherent plot. 5-7-5, 5-7-5, 5-7-5
            perhaps sometime down the pike and 3.000 haiku in on my blog

            Actually the conversation can be arranged in the form of you posting a haiku and me replying to your haiku with my haiku. Then you reply to my haiku… all the while not forgetting to pingback to each others’ haiku.
            Doesn’t mean that it should be done 40 times a day… just whenever you feel like it, if you feel like it at all 🙂

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          4. Perfect! Hahah. Sorry for the late response though. I was on my one hour break at work and just now arrived back. That’s interesting. I’ve done poetry conversations before. But the person I’ve done it with is the reason I made this blog too (to forget him, LoL) so doing a haiku book with a coherent plot is an interesting idea! That’s awesome. 🙂

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