Love, is about proximity.

Love, is about distance.

Love, is about giving each other time.

Love, is about spending time with each other.


Days, I look forward to ’cause I’d see you.

Nights, I look forward to ’cause we’ll stay in touch.

I know you have someone else you like.

I know it very well.


Still, circumstances lead to us meeting and us talking.

And I find myself, once again, falling.

Yet this time, I know one fact and have accepted it

We are friends and that’s all we’d ever be.


I will no longer hope for the impossible. It is not worth my time.

I will no longer concern myself,

With the little nice things you do.

They are purely acts of friendships and nothing more.


I have accepted the fact we are good friends

And that we will never be more.

I have loved you in silence and was silently hurting.

But I’ll move on cause your silence is deafening.

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