Deciphering Her

She’s a puzzle you would want to solve.
A riddle in every curve.
Her hair, blacker than black –
Skin, fair and smooth, like she likes it to be.
She’s a mystery in and out.
Her words are her life.
She will be the best friend one can ever have.
She will be the best one can ever have.
Self-doubt, self-pity, depression
You have to be there for her in times like these.
When all she needs is a shoulder,
Don’t attempt to say any words.
She has heard every platitude one can give on grief.
She has been left by nonexistent exes so many times.
When all she needs is your back,
Don’t attempt to hug her.
She has been crushed too many times before.
When all she wants is you,
By all means, please do. Give her you.
Because she gives all that she can give.
With or without anything in return.
That is how she loves,
the brown-eyed girl.
She’s a labyrinth so be ready.
Be ready to lose your way into her.
She gets lost a lot herself too.
She is all about the story and
the shift in perspective.
You’ll find stories in her curves,
Her smiles, her lips, her body.
Every fine line just waiting to be told.
You have to be her storyteller.
Tell her she’s beautiful because she is.
Tell her she’s wanted because she is worth wanting.
You have to love her as the woman she is.
Because… She’ll try her very best to be the best for you. Her very best story all for you to be read and explored.
She isn’t much but she is she.
She’ll be a mess most days, and she’ll be free.
There may be days that she will hurt you,
But know that she is quick to apologize.
She loves hard, falls deep, and understands.
That’s as far as she can take you, now.
She’ll fall down for the ones she loves.
Sacrifice is all that she does.
She’s a dime, a diamond uncut, a gem – a pearl.
And she’ll be shy but the way to her soul is to not read her like you read others.
She’s a different kind of book.
She’ll write and rewrite herself for you.
She’s an amalgam of words, verses and prose.
Disorganized at times, but she loves well.
She is a puzzle waiting to be solved.
A labyrinth for you to get lost into.
She loves wit, humor and passion.
Watching sunsets, holding hands.
Constant gestures of affection and attention.
She’s needy and childish, at best.
Maturity carved within her innocence.
She only asks she be loved by her lover like she loves him.
And like the song goes…
Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn,
Take me baby, or leave me.

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