Just 10 minutes until it comes…

You could feel the clock ticking.

Tick tock tick tock ~

The sound of silence not escaping your room

You there on your bed

Fully aware of what was about to come.

You’ll be dead and reborn in 10 minutes.

10 more minutes,

You say to yourself.


You’ll sleep after this.

Maybe get a call –

or a notification from people

People who remember;

People who care.


You’ll wake up after a deep slumber

Go about your day like every other day.







You’ll lay in bed again because –

work doesn’t start for another hour.

You’ll play with your two dogs,

Say your goodbyes for Monday

and talk to them about how today is THE day.

They won’t understand but.. who cares?


You’ll go to work.

Like you usually do.


Like you usually are.

And maybe the people there

will remember and greet.


The day will continue

and you will be working.

But it’s the end of the week

and you do weekly audit.

Overtime it is;

you knew it the minute you walked in.


Your senior will go out early.

She has something better to attend to.

But what about  you?

Don’t you have THIS day too?

But you choose to stay and finish up work.

Crunching numbers …


You’re glad all this is over.

You’re glad you can finally get home.

But you will not celebrate today.

Maybe… tomorrow?


You’ll maybe…get a call from someone.

If he remembers. If he wants to remember.

And if he does not, well then…

Just like always, remember?

Or someone will know it’s your day –

And greet you the warmest for the day.


You rest and you lay in bed

Feel the bed sheet under your sweaty body and sigh.

Another day gone by

And yet…


You smile…

You’re 21.

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