The Wizard's Remembrall

“Granny, how do I use this thing?” the boy queried.
“Simple, you hold it tightly and when it turns red, it means you’ve forgotten something.” The granny replied. 
“But how I do I know what it is I forgot?”

The alarm beeped. The curious boy had awakened from his deep slumber.
It’s been three years since I last saw her, he thought. I wonder what she would look like now. I guess I should be grateful to the Potters for this sudden reunion; I finally have a chance on seeing her once again.
He got up from bed and held on to his remembrall, a habit he had acquired since his granny’s death a few years back. He put on his best suit and went out with all the smiles in the world to meet the love of his life – Luna Lovegood.
– –
After Voldemort was defeated, there was no reason for Dumbledore’s army to meet in secret anymore. Yet Luna and Neville still saw each other at the Room of Requirements every once in a while. There they would escape all the work piled in the auror office. There they would talk long for hours and do things never got to do when they were younger. There they were, friends who wanted to be young again. Until one day, Neville came and Luna didn’t. Neville, however, did not bother to find her – he kept holding on to the ring he bought at Ollivander’s and went home wondering. Now, after 3 years since their sudden departure, he will once again, meet her. He walked faster at the thought of meeting her that by the time he reached the Potters’ residence, he panted.

Ding. Dong.

“We really are becoming a lot like the muggles nowadays, we no longer busy ourselves with magic, not like the old days” he thought. Ginny opened the door and welcomed him in.
“Oh hi, Neville! It’s been a long a time, Boy Forgetful!”
Neville turned towards the speaker and found Dean Thomas, seated beside the love seat at a bigger sofa.
“Oh Hi, Dean.” He answered. “I ain’t forgetful now you know.” He added with a grin.
“Right, all thanks to that remembrall you got in our 3rd year in Hogwarts. Do you still carry it with you?”
“As a matter of fact, I do.” He added bluntly.
“Enough with the chit-chat ladies and help me get ready for this night’s party.” Ginny barged in.
“Oh well,” Dean began, and with a flick of his wand, the groceries and the plates were set to work. It was like the kitchen already knew what to do.
“There, all done.” Dean finally said after a few swishes and flicks that sent the utensils flying to their corresponding locations.
“How about we watch a movie until the others arrive?”

It was only halfway through the movie that the others arrived. First came the Weasleys, Hermione still as lovely as ever, her curly hair combed to perfection. Next came Cho Chang. The party was lively and full of music and laughter.
Ding. Dong.
“I’ll get it.” Neville blurted. And as he opened the door, there stood the girl he’d been waiting for – Luna Lovegood. They stood there for seconds, smiling, not knowing what to say to each other. “Good to see you Neville. I see you still haven’t changed a bit.” Luna finally said with a hint of laughter beyond suppressing.
“It’s good to see you too Luna. Come on in,” he managed to say.

The party went on and finally the time has come for departing.

“Luna, would you mind if I walked you home?”
“Not at all.” They bid goodbye to the Potters and together they walked home.
‘So… uhmm… Luna, it’s been three years. Pretty long huh?”
“Yeah. Are you mad that I left you at the room of requirements?”
“No, not at all. Just a little confused, that’s all. But let’s not talk about that now shall we? What have you been up to lately?”
“Oh same old, same old. The usual – designing for the ministry’s buildings and offices.”
“I see.”
An awkward silence engulfed them both and they walked home, hands intertwined, bodies close to each other, and questions left unasked.
“We’re here.” Luna said.
“Oh. Uhmm. It’s been a fun day, see ya tomorrow – you aren’t busy right? It’s Saturday after all.”
“Sure. 10 in the morning sound good? At the Diagon Alley. “
“Goodnight Luna.”
“Goodnight Neville.”
Neville hailed a cab, went home, went to bed, held his remembrall, and fell asleep thinking about Luna’s lovely face and her gorgeous blonde hair. Little did he know that as he fell asleep, his remembrall turned slightly red.
The next day, he went to Luna’s place and rang the doorbell. Luna opened the door. There she was, wearing a bright green cocktail dress and Neville couldn’t take her eyes off of her.
“She really is lovely.” he thought. And with a slight curtsy, he added, “Shall we?”
Luna took a hold of his hand and they went, holding each other’s hands.
While eating, the two caught up on each other’s lives. They talked about work, their jobs, Hogwarts, their memories together, and love affairs.
“Your boyfriend is mad at me right now for stealing his girlfriend for a day. I saw his photo framed on your wall a while ago.’
“Oh, that was Daemian. Nothing to worry though, we’ve already broken up about 2 years ago.”
“You must have really loved him since his photo’s still up there.” Neville added with a hint of jealousy in his words.
“He died of an illness.”
He felt his face turned of embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I did not know.”
Luna shrugged it all off and once again, an awkward silence engulfed them both.
“What is wrong with me? I finally get to have a day with her and I screw it all up just because of a picture she framed. The heck! We aren’t lovers, why am I so jealous?” he thought. I need to go to the bathroom.
“Excuse me. I’ll be right back.”
“Okay. I’ll be right here then.”
He left his bag open and so Luna saw his remembrall. Curious, she grabbed it and looked at it inquisitively. She was halfway through inspecting it when Neville arrived.
“I see you still carry this with you always.”
“Yeah. I guess old habits die hard,” he said; then he smiled.
“Where else do you want to go?”
“How about we feed the pigeons over there at the Shrieking Shack?’
“Sure. After you then.” Luna got up and Neville did the same. With hands held and intertwined with each other’s they showed themselves out.
They spent the day feeding pigeons, walking around, talking about endless things, and laughing at jokes half-meant.
Then Luna suddenly acted strange. Neville sensed it after they sat down and watched the sun set down.
“Hey, what’s wrong? What’s bothering you? Can I at least do something to help you out?” Neville asked, concern obviously shown in his words.
“No. I’m fine. Neville, I have to thank you for this day and for the days before this. I also would want to tell you I’m really sorry for leaving you behind before. As much as I wanted to tell you the reason, I know you wouldn’t understand. Even so, I’m sorry.”
And with that, she kissed him on the cheek and hailed the cab that passed by.
Neville, stunned and struck by what she said, was left there all alone. Once more.

“Why does it feel like my heart is about to break? Why am I so flustered whenever she leaves me? Isn’t she just my friend? What is happening to me?”

I should try to be a composed man in front of her.”Countless thoughts flooded his mind as he watched Luna’s cab take a turn to the right and that was the last time he saw it. Little did he know it will also be last time he’d see Luna and the words she uttered would be her farewell. He sat there thinking about what Luna meant to him, what he really thinks of her. He slouched and found his remembrall was beside him. It must have been there because Luna forgot to return it to him. He clutched it and his eyes widened as it turned red. Unable to digest the meaning of it, he hailed a taxi home.
He couldn’t sleep, eat, he couldn’t work.
Isn’t Luna just a friend? Why can’t I bring myself to call her and ask her myself?
This really isn’t me.

If only Granny is here to help me.

If only.

It was 3 a.m. and he still couldn’t get himself to sleep. He finally dozed of a little after 5 in the morning.
Granny. Is this remembrall that important? Will this also tell me if I forgot to say something to someone?
Granny just smiled and said, that remembrall will help you remember everything you’ve forgotten my dear.
Bang! The photo album he kept so high up in his shelf suddenly toppled over and opened.
Neville woke up due to the sound and found the album. He opened it and found a picture of him and Luna together beside a tree. On the tree were words engraved and as he read it, he remembered. He understood then what the remembrall was trying to tell him. He took the photograph and remembrall with him and ran straight towards Luna’s house.

Please, let her be there. Please. Please.

He rang the doorbell for as many times as he could.
No one answered.
He tried calling out. “Luna! Luna! Are you there? Please tell me you’re there! Luna!”
No one answered.
He tried breaking the door, but as he nudged it, it opened.
It’s unlocked.
He went inside and found Luna slumped on the love seat, holding a photograph, smiling.

He took the photograph, it was the same photograph he was about to show her.
The photograph of them together under the tree.

The words engraved were: MOON LOVES NEVILLE forever and ever.

Luna died with a peaceful heart. Luna died smiling.
Neville crouched beside her, he carried her gently. Clutching the photographs and remembrall, he uttered, Luna, “I love you. I’ve loved you ever since.
And Neville saw it, and smiled, the red remembrall turned white.

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