My Rafting Adventure

Early May of this year, I have had the good fortune of going on a company outing and experience rafting. River rafting, is one of the main attractions in my city and though I have lived her most of my life, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience it … until this came along. I knew mom had tried it before and that she liked it so I had high hopes for the event too. And so … the day of the adventure came and I was stoked as ever. Some of my workmates did not have the proper upper swimwear so I lent them mine. The road towards the venue was filled with chatter from co-employees about how nice my city was and whatnots. After all, the co-employees that I rode along with were not from the area as they were our agents from other regions in the Philippines. It was a lot of fun talking to most of them but the proper ‘tour’ died down when all they (and me) could talk about was how excited they were for the adventure. At one point, they even made bets on who they think would fall of the raft first. Funny people. Good time. Just that basically. Glorious laughter until we reached the place.


We reached the place at a little after 1pm and then we immediately took to taking photos! We were briefed ahead of time that we had an official photographer so bringing waterproof cameras and gear is unnecessary and highly discouraged (because they want you to paddle and not take selfies!). Long story short… the rafting adventure went as follows: Orientation. Groupings. Wetness overload! It was a really fun-filled experience. The company chose the middle course for this adventure and so we had to go through a series of 21 rapids.

Rafting… much like anything else is about teamwork. And this team building exercise is one for the greats. It is such an achievement when you reach the end of the course and not one of the members in your raft got drifted away or fell off.

One funny thing though is that we only had two guys in our raft and the ones who wanted to stay in front KNOW (oh yeah..) how to paddle like girls. Hahah! It was really funny listening to our tour guide’s laughter because he kept commenting on how ‘big’ their shoulders were but paddles like sassy women. Comments like “Yep, that’s ma’am.” and “Hahah. We know!” or “Her biceps are only for show, apparently.” were the constant reasons for laughter in our raft for seven. It was majestic – looking at the view and the rock formations as we pass and cruise our way through the river. The tour guide was pleasantly funny and he even told me he had foreigner customers before. I asked how ‘they’ (foreigners) were like as customers and he said their humor was beyond he had ever imagined. He said he’s had various races from Americans to other Asian races. It was such a shame to know then that the view we were seeing then is not its best, apparently, due to landslides and the many many typhoons that have visited Cagayan de Oro City before.  

Truth be told … words are not enough to explain the feeling of enjoyment and thrill as we battled those rapids.

I will let the photos tell the story. Because… we all know what happened a month after this, don’t we? Nevertheless, I am glad to have spent time with these wonderful people. I am glad to be able to call them friends.

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