A Finding Dory post

I wrote this a few months back.

I actually watched Finding Dory on my 20th birthday.

Anyway, here goes…




Don’t be such a Dory, Dory!

Dory is the forgetful fish whom Marlin meet on his journey to find his lost son, Nemo, in the film Finding Nemo. Now, a year after, in the film’s storyline, Dory remembers her family and embarks on a journey home. Dory the forgetful *insert Dory’s name of species* embarks on a journey home with Marlin and Nemo as Dory remembers bit by bit, pieces of her childhood. The place where she came from, her parents’ names and of course, how to get home.

This tear jerker film is another must-watch Pixar film not only because of it’s successful prequel, Finding Nemo, but because who wouldn’t love to see the ocean and explore it? I certainly would! And though I am now 20 years old (as I watched it too, on my birthday, along with my family), you would be surprised to hear that more than half of the moviegoers who went in with us on that chilly 8:30 last full show in the cinema, were all beyond 12 years old or so they seem be. Most of them, parents and teens. Want to know why? Because films like these matter. Films that show little to none human existence matter because they remind us that we are not the only living beings on this planet. That we are not the only ones who have families and friends. We are not the only ones who feel, eat, think, and breathe the air. WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE ADVENTURES. And most importantly, these stories tell us lessons that go beyond generations. A decade after Finding Nemo’s release, kids are still watching it, teens and families still are, too. They do it to teach this: That kids who do not listen to parents, get in trouble. That a parent will go beyond his limits and the odds to be reunited with his/her child. That a child , though small and inexperienced he may be, can always be of little help to others. That your disabilities do not define you. That if you do not go out there and explore, you will always be living inside your bubble. These and many more are taught to us by films. And now, Finding Dory has too. It has taught us that the best things in life are never planned. They happen by chance. And that when you get in trouble or down in life, just keep swimming. Keep going. Never stop until you get out of it. Dory has taught us once more that looking at things differently, or in another way might be just what you need to survive life and its battles. It has taught us that no matter how long you lose touch with those you love, they will always, always be waiting. Hoping. They will diligently lay down shells, bread crumbs, hoping that one day, in your own strength and with the help of others, you will find your way back. And like any other good film, Finding Dory has taught us even more. That love, and friendship and a great deal of courage will take you places. That family is not always blood alone. That we are all but tiny pieces in this big world, trying be a difference. Dory has taught us since day one to be perspective, cheerful, and crazily adventurous and witty. And to that, I salute all the filmmakers who has made my movie list another great fun read when I reach the age of 60 or so. I will remember the forgetful Dory, I will remember the lessons. I will remember the adventure and the journey towards home.

FILM: Finding Dory

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