NO Words

Dating is a fallacy; just as much as the concept of ‘love’ is. -Me

I have never been in an intimate relationship with anyone, NBSB, is what they call it. No Boyfriend Since Birth. But I have had my own share of heartbreaks and dumb moments. Sigh. The things we do for love. Over time, I realized that maybe that quote… how every relationship ends? FriEND. BoyfriEND. GirlfriEND. Best friEND. And how even ‘lover’ has OVER in it is true. I am no cynic, mind you. I am unlike the character Daniel Radcliffe played in What If. I am a hopeless romantic. A realist…But a hopeless romantic nonetheless. April is National Poetry Month and I have been reading up on poems even more than I usually do. I usually prefer reading freeform and sonnets but anything well-written is fine by me, really. An absolute favorite will have to be a poem of E.E. Cummings.

“l(a” by E.E. Cummings

This poem is … to quote from a friend, dense with meaning. And he is right. The mark of a great poem or any work of art (for me) is not in how little or how many words are said but in how it makes its audience feel. Very much like how a painting or a photograph says a thousand words, a poem does so too.

Spoken word poetry holds a special place in my heart. I grew up reading poems on paper and when I was introduced to this new way of presenting the art form, I was hooked. The voices of the poet, the feel of being in the moment, hearing the crowd’s immediate reaction, is not even enough to describe the awesome experience. Poetry jams rarely happen in my city so when they do, I always try my best to attend every single one. A collection of spoken word poems are in my phone’s playlist for times when I feel like listening; imagining an alternate universe where I have taken a stab at relationships. And Phil Kaye’s Camaro is how I imagine my first heartbreak would have been like.

Love, poetry, passion, beauty, romance…these are what we stay alive for. And so to love, whenever he wishes to come by, I say this:

If I do find you… and you leave, one poem will be on repeat.

Love’s a verb. Love is many things. Love is a story quicker than the blink of an eye. And until it comes (or even when it does), I’ll be listening to poems on repeat for the rest of my life.


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