Day 286: The Man and the Spoken Verse; ‘Fry’

For poets; their audience… And those who understand that art is supposed to make you feel.

I write, I bleed.
You see the wounds,
And bleed with me.

I write, I laugh.
You hear the joy,
And rejoice with me.

Happiness at its best
Or happiness at its worst,
Life is my poem…
And words are my medium.

Single Guy Says

I’ll be honest with you.

I have a very complicated love/hate relationship with spoken word poetry.

In the sense that I love really good spoken word.

And that I absolutely hateloathedespise really bad spoken word.

And unfortunately, the vast majority of current spoken word is really really bad. So I hate more, and nowadays, hate by default.

BUT…there are a few glimpses of hope. Some rays of sunshine. Some good examples that, I don’t know if it’s because of the muck that they are surrounded with or the true merit of their extraordinary talents, really do blow my mind.

When I was first introduced to spoken word I was just in awe of the emotion and animation that spoken word poets brought to a normally quiet and subdued art. Poetry was something you wrote and read in your mind, or in hushed tones, or in quiet…

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5 thoughts on “Day 286: The Man and the Spoken Verse; ‘Fry’

  1. Hahaha I accidentally repeated the comment. Please delete it 😂. It’s : The last stanza of your poem is perfect and breath taking👏 I’m like “how can something be this perfect?” It’s just beautiful and it complements the whole poem

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      1. Thanks. I didn’t disable comments; if you view my post in your browser and scroll to the bottom of the post, you’ll see the comment section. I guess people thought I disabled my comments😕 it explains everything

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