Song a Day Challenge Day 3: Heartache

Okay. Here goes. I owe y’all 3 overdue songs. Hahah. And so… since my previous post was about how I was feeling a tad Japanese, (and yeah, I know what being Japanese means…gimme a break) here’s a song I have been addicted to the minute I heard it.

Japan is a country so full of culture, like all other countries. But I do think that theirs is one I will definitely not miss out on. I am fortunate to know at least one Japanese person in my life and get to hang out with her. I have, for the record, one Japanese friend. However, y’all know I am crazy so I will say I have two Japanese friends. Heh. It’s a complicated setup but let’s settle with that. Me. Two Japanese friends. And very many friends obsessed with Japan. Agree? Yes? Good!
Song for the day is… cue the drumroll yo! Heartache by One OK Rock. I love the lyrics so much! The very lyrics of the chorus is enough to pull your heartstrings. NBSB… but I have had a lot of heartbreaks (blame it all on the rule: one must not assume unless otherwise stated) and I don’t think I have a friend who is single. Hah! Save for any of y’all… I know some of you are. Bleh. Heartache’s catchy tune and Taka’s, the vocalist, voice makes you ache. The very first time I heard it, was from a fellow member in our school publication. He just up and went inside the office one afternoon, got his guitar from the side of the room and sang it to me. I didn’t really understand half of what he was singing but … “So this is heartache?” reminds you of your past crying moments does it not? We spent nearly a week singing it then. Thus is the story of how I discovered the song.

Heartache, along with almost all opening theme songs of every anime I’ve watched reminds me of my friends. Japanese or just…plain obsessed. Hah! I consider myself lucky that I have met someone so into food and someone who does judge me if I do not eat certain kinds of food when we are together. The day I watched Garden of Words and Your Name, I also went out with her to eat ramen. Again. This time, at a new place. She is my go to person when it comes to food and cooking so her compliments of the food we ordered was enough to make me waste more money on her. LoL.

Chashu Pork Ramen, hers
Gyoza Ramen, mine

We had Gyozo and Chashu Pork Ramen and though I needed salt in mine, she was really cool with it.
Fortunately, for you and for me, I no longer have any pending animes or Japanese films so no more Japanese obsessed posts from me. And no more money to spend for ramen anyway.

So this is heartache?

I hope your heartsrrings are fine. Heh.

6 thoughts on “Song a Day Challenge Day 3: Heartache

  1. I loved Rurouni Kenshin. That was my favorite shonen manga. My childhood was Love Hina and Rurouni Kenshin. I even bought a reverse blade sword and everything. I have not seen the live action though. I’m scared. Is it…is it any good? Hahah.

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