How I write in my journal

IMG_20170415_091543April 12.2016. ManvsLoneliness.Tweet. Your Name. Kimi No Na Wa. Sappiness at its best. MY life is dull. MY LIFE is dull. Bawling at 3AM. Still crying by 5AM. Morning came. Bank. Encash. Check. Friend. Pinoy time. I was early. Pft. Spaghetti again. Happy. Met a friend. In a long while. Pink. Ew. Friendship is sacred. Malling. LBC. Bag. National Geographic. Ramen. Second time. First time. Gyoza. Chashu Pork. Chopsticks. IDK how to use them. Still. Chatrooms. Chatmates. Japan. Japanese friends. Girls. Girl-talk. Pissed off with late service. Tokyo Bubble Tea. Realizations. I am the jealous type. Hahah. Weird discovery. Men find it cute. I do not know why. Defensive. Tall girl. She was a he. He was a she. Well… Miso tastes good. Fish cake. First time. Salt. I need salt. Your Name. Turk. Shawarma. I would have tried. But. Pipino. Erm. Erm. Pipino. Hahah. Being John Malkovich. Talks with her. She is a keeper. Bitch with morals. LoL. Kinda felt like a long-distance relationship. Makoto Shinkai-san. Garden of Words. She will teach me Japanese some time soon. Singing J-rock songs. One OK Rock songs. Heartache. So this is heartache. Friends. Love. Memories. Lots to think about. Share thoughts. With people who get you. Or even just one. Eiko. She gets me. Easter Sunday in a few days. Garden of Words. I cried. Despite the ending. Your Name. I cried. BECAUSE of that sunset. He draws so well. Cried. Despite the sappiness. What the. That scene. Remember each other’s name my ass. He wrote I love you. Fuck it. What is your name? Who are you? Someone I will cherish forever. Someone I must never forget. Your name is…

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