NEWS FROM ME (From the Author to her Followers)


I have always been on the look for a theme that highlights only words and not so much as the gifs I put in my articles and whatnot. Finally found one. And a friend expressed her love of the new logo I made. I hope you like it too! Let me know any thoughts on the matter y’all. If you’re reading this in the WP reader, It would be really cool if you could actually go to my site and see how things are. I hope you like the new look. I certainly like it. Minimal; but not too simple. Anyway, thanks for the love y’all! And for staying despite my absence of … I don’t know… so long? *wide smile*

I will get on with writing as soon as I can find my pillow.

It’s apparently been used as a pin cushion for something.

A shout out to Enigma and her roaches. I will get back to you shortly.

And hey, I just finished reading (and learning) about a friend’s post on April being National Poetry Month. So… come April Fool’s I will get right to it. After all, I live poetically, right?!

I’m back bitches! Comeback is real!

And a lot more posts to flood that boring ol’ reader feed of yours. 🙂

Just kidding! Well… toodles, I gotta find my pillow.

13 thoughts on “NEWS FROM ME (From the Author to her Followers)

      1. That was a typo. I wrote and didn’t proofread. No, I like the logo! Sorry, tired, but definitely need to reread before I send. I like the background and setup. Logo is fancy but legible.👍🏻

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