Where I’ve Been

I want to tell you where I’ve been.
For the past month or so now.
It’s only been that short, but…
So here goes my story.
Of looking for spontaneity.
Went right on to Play Store one night,
typed in “friends” and a whole lot of results
swarmed in.
Chat rooms, huh? Seem cool. Okay.
But not now.
Search some more. Hmmm…
What’s this? A voice chat app?
Interesting. Click. Download. Load.
Hey, this seems fun!
But over a time, boredom sunk in.
Some of the people in here don’t get me.
So… back to Play Store I go.
Funny where boredom leads me, huh?
A good friend suggested one app.
Says she found really cool conversationalists.
Click. Download. Load. Talk.
Hmmm… Not bad.
10 days in and I find ‘oneofakind’.
Seems like a cool Filipino, dude.
2 out of 10 get my humor.
Not bad, I guess.
1 out of 10 like my favorite film.
Even better! Up until I met someone …
Someone a lot like my “clown”
and I start to question myself again.
History does mock us, in more ways than one.
Because I was quietly minding my own business.
Looking for legit distractions.
And somehow… in some way… gravity
brought me back.

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