Her Defense

M: If I were to see you tonight, I would hold you in my arms so tight. I will hold you and never let go. Wrap you in my arms so tight you can’t even breathe. Because that’s what I do best, ain’t it? Kill people I love with the feeling. And my constant defense is that, “if it doesn’t hurt, you won’t feel it.”

NEWS FROM ME (From the Author to her Followers)


I have always been on the look for a theme that highlights only words and not so much as the gifs I put in my articles and whatnot. Finally found one. And a friend expressed her love of the new logo I made. I hope you like it too! Let me know any thoughts on the matter y’all. If you’re reading this in the WP reader, It would be really cool if you could actually go to my site and see how things are. I hope you like the new look. I certainly like it. Minimal; but not too simple. Anyway, thanks for the love y’all! And for staying despite my absence of … I don’t know… so long? *wide smile*

I will get on with writing as soon as I can find my pillow.

It’s apparently been used as a pin cushion for something.

A shout out to Enigma and her roaches. I will get back to you shortly.

And hey, I just finished reading (and learning) about a friend’s post on April being National Poetry Month. So… come April Fool’s I will get right to it. After all, I live poetically, right?!

I’m back bitches! Comeback is real!

And a lot more posts to flood that boring ol’ reader feed of yours. 🙂

Just kidding! Well… toodles, I gotta find my pillow.


Not much is known yet,

perhaps not much will ever be.
4 killed, 40 injured…
an increasing count.
Experts analyzing their way through.
Witnesses trying to make to sense of it all.
On the day of an anniversary,
another event occurs.
But WE are better than this.
WE will be better than this.
My prayers are thoughts are with you.
Whereever you are.
Carry on, my brave soldier.
In this very trying time,
I see the lady urging her people.
We will go to work
We will go about our lives
Words phrased… just right.

“How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.” – Salman Rushdie

Where I’ve Been

I want to tell you where I’ve been.
For the past month or so now.
It’s only been that short, but…
So here goes my story.
Of looking for spontaneity.
Went right on to Play Store one night,
typed in “friends” and a whole lot of results
swarmed in.
Chat rooms, huh? Seem cool. Okay.
But not now.
Search some more. Hmmm…
What’s this? A voice chat app?
Interesting. Click. Download. Load.
Hey, this seems fun!
But over a time, boredom sunk in.
Some of the people in here don’t get me.
So… back to Play Store I go.
Funny where boredom leads me, huh?
A good friend suggested one app.
Says she found really cool conversationalists.
Click. Download. Load. Talk.
Hmmm… Not bad.
10 days in and I find ‘oneofakind’.
Seems like a cool Filipino, dude.
2 out of 10 get my humor.
Not bad, I guess.
1 out of 10 like my favorite film.
Even better! Up until I met someone …
Someone a lot like my “clown”
and I start to question myself again.
History does mock us, in more ways than one.
Because I was quietly minding my own business.
Looking for legit distractions.
And somehow… in some way… gravity
brought me back.


I am not lucky I am free.

I am not lucky I am able to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Sure as hell ain’t lucky that I have all my limbs.

I am not unlucky that I have pneumonia.

I am not lucky I am able to eat three meals a day –

       even more when I want to.

I am not lucky I can read,

And afford an education –

        education is free.

I am not lucky I can write,

         converse with you freely

In the language that we speak.

I am not lucky I have a job and can buy things I want

          Well… some of the things that I want.

Don’t call me unlucky I do not live in a place where there’s snow

And autumn… and leaves … fall during the season.

I am not unlucky I do not see the sunset as often as I would love to.

I am not unlucky that my family had to change houses seven times now.

I am not unlucky.

I am not lucky.

Despite what Little Finger might think.

And yes, we might not get to choose who our parents are,

Our neighbours, the surroundings,

Our life … how we would define it.

Is not by chance, nor superstition.

I don’t believe in luck,

          Or fortune.

It’s all a matter of perspective I guess.


We are all fortunate beings.

Despite and in spite of unfortunate times.