The Girl and the RE: A Disappointment

I will start this off by sending you to a post previously written by a fellow blogger and someone who reminded me about the film’s existence. Be sure to read this first though. Because, hello? You owe me that much. LoL. Just kidding, Man’s post on the film is seen here.

I have had my eye set on another Milla Jovovich film this year. 

It is, and I mean the only, reason why I followed her personal facebook page – to know when the film would hit the theatres in our country. Excited as I was, I did not want to spend too much of my money on a film I have so many expectations of. After all, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Inferno, and Split had me all riled up. So, I resorted to review channels and peers who watched the film. In the Philippines, if the film earns high, it will most likely stay for more than two weeks, two weeks being the bare minimum a film gets shown before it gets replaced. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, at least in my area, went on for nearly a month.
“Hmmm… It may be good. I will watch it after exams.”
Then came the review of someone (see first paragraph) and everything changed.

The film was for lack of a very precise term for it, a disappointment. What I was actually expecting was a continuation of the last scene, specifically the last shot of Resident Evil: Retribution. But what I was greeted with was an implied introduction. And I did feel that the very first part of the film, showed the twist. For someone so into plot twists and an avid reader of mystery novels and puzzling cases, the context was not that hard to grasp. I was tempted to sleep during the first half of the film! Draggy, dull, and I felt as though they only wanted more zombies on the screen. Personally, Alice’s journey was not what made me stick around the entire franchise. Aside from the obvious action and martial arts choreography I always look forward to in action films, cinematography is one thing I have my eyes set on in films. And I gotta tell you, the action scenes in this film are a step worse than the action scenes in the Bourne film. I could not tell if it is because Milla is now old and can no longer do the fight scenes that well, but I sure would like to see the hand that hits the opponent and not the opponent getting hit in a flash! I would have preferred a wide view of the fight scenes. To be perfectly honest, I did not enjoy any minute of the film up until they arrived in The Hive, or the “Pit” as they call it. One scene that got me all excited, “Finally! A good fight scene!” was when they fought inside the place where members of the SWAT team in the first team died; the place with all the lasers that could cut you in half.
We see Alice fighting to survive and dodge the lasers that just keep coming. And then… that’s it. The final blow was not even that mind blowing or chair gripping at all! My frustration about the film’s disappointment took me the whole day to get over it. I played the game before, just to pass the time, and the films were always a fun watch.

Zombie apocalypse films are good movies that show you a lot about human nature and the character human beings have in times of facing death or the prospect of it. The franchise was always about survival but I felt that even though the filmmakers managed to make the story go full circle and connect all six films, this last one is a really bad way of doing it. First up, the bad girl suddenly became the good girl and our main protagonist ends up just wandering because she was abandoned by a person she thought was her ally. What a way to start of a film. Yep, feed the audience with crap and make the main character just run around explaining her mission to everyone. 

The previous ones had a lot of heart in them and this one, if ever it had any, was hidden… I guess. I sure did not see it. The twist: Alice, the Alice we know (badass Alice) turns out to be a clone. The real Alice being the frail girl a.k.a daughter of Marcus, the creator of the T-virus. The ending was crap.
I should have stuck to watching Oscar nominated films. So far, none of them have proven to be not worthy of the recognition. The RE franchise was, and is still my favorite Milla Jovovich film. Mainly because Ultraviolet was nice but I do not want to rewatch it again. The RE films, though, excluding this last one, will be on repeat if I were in the mood. The dessert fight scenes and dialogues will be forever memorized and stuck in my head. I would have liked to see more of Claire’s fight scenes though. But… meh… can’t complain. At least they got a bit of royalty from my ticket.

Zombie apocalypse films, are a must for gamers like me. Always a really good way of testing the waters.

Resident Evil, a game turned film, not bad, I guess – if you there is ever any circumstance to consider. The game reached its final chapter, I have played well, seen every film, and followed the journey.

6 thoughts on “The Girl and the RE: A Disappointment

  1. I definitely share in your frustrations! I thought the last scene in Retribution had so much potential for a really cool last film. It would be nice to see Alice legitimately have a group with her, instead of always having to fight everything alone. I wanted to see Ada again! Enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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