No longer jobless
Had the interview on the 15th
It was fine, like any other
The owner and her husband took turns
I was shivering
I do not know why though
Probably because the room was really cold
Or that they were looking at me with
Eyes like vultures
Peering into you thawing your skills
Before you even begin
I begin the day after, they said.
“If we like your work, we’d hire
You then
After you graduate.”
Is that okay me?
Of course!
It’s not like I do a lot with my time anyway
And the pay will be good for saving up
New films and new shoes to buy.
Thank you to the Almighty
For giving me another opportunity
No longer jobless
And this time,
A worthwhile job in waiting
I am in training
And the first day was great
But the next days will get harder and harder
Because that’s how life really is.
I am aware.
And I will be resilient
I will be attentive
And I will learn
If… no.
Not if.

When I get the job,
I will have experience
I will be stable
And I will work hard.
Success is within reach
My gut feels it.

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