Valentine’s Day 2k17

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. – Forrest Gump

Who would have thought I’d be spending my Valentine’s Day in the hospital again for the second year in a row? Not me, but fate new it obviously. As to why my friends choose to get admitted on these dates, I do not know. I am not complaining. Anywhere with the right company is not a time wasted, if you ask me. And my February 14, 2017 was not wasted indeed.

This is not me. Hha.

I was still not up to talking and not very much in the mood for blogging and writing poems (See And Her Pups for reference, lol) so I wallowed inside the school for a couple of hours. It’s foundation week and there was literally nothing better to do than watch the short films fellow COCians made. By then, I’d have been informed of my friend’s admission to the hospital so I decided I’d watch just one short film for the day.

Sore – A CASalida Film (Official Poster)

Timely, and relevant, I watched a film entitled Sore by a very dear friend, RodMaster. I am fan of him, an avid moviegoer, and I would pretty much watch anything he recommends. We, along with certain people in the circle, share the love for films and could go on all day just talking about them – shorts, indies, mainstream. You name it. RodMaster, is a filmmaker. And his films, all thought-provoking and with great symbolism. By now, older followers would have guessed the kind of people I hang out with based on my way of talking and interests. Anyway, the film was very much timely and so relevant for ones like our city, Cagayan de Oro. A film about two guy best friends who became lovers. The film starts with a cryptic tone, the message not directly given. However, as the film progressed, you’d realize the gist of it all. Acting-wise, the actors were convincing. But the message and advocacy is what struck me. In a generation like ours, especially now, that we are on the clamour for Reproductive Health issues in the Philippines and that LGBTQ rights are almost always seen on the news, it’s not a surprise someone somewhere will think about the topic. After all, CDO (Cagayan de Oro) ranks 2nd on the list when it comes to HIV positive cases. The film ends,
“To my best friend, OR ONCE WAS.” And I thought it rather fitting that the final shot was of the two guys, in a shop facing each other. One, looking for solace from the other and the other, trying so hard to comfort his ‘best’ friend. The hanging ending is on point because one could never tell what happens after. HIV positive or not, the best friends will never be the same again. They have shared more than what was expected from them of society and it was not only a film on HIV awareness but also a film saying, you can never go back once you’ve crossed the line.
I thought it timely that I had to watch this on a Valentine’s Day because we know what happens during times like these. And let’s be honest, even if it ain’t. It’s always a wonderful feeling when you watch a film so well-thought and well-executed that you can’t stop thinking and talking about it.

And the topic on films, did not end there when I visited my friend at the hospital. She’s a lot like me, but bigger, bolder, and uhmmm… let’s leave it at that for pride issues. Hha. So, we talked a bit about how she felt, what happened the day she got admitted, how she had trouble breathing in the middle of the night, and whatnots about her health. We never run out of things to talk about, me and her. She told me her irrational fear was sharks and that her sister’s was snakes. I told her I probably don’t have any, then again, maybe… ghosts or tarantulas? Mostly because of the disturbing film, Enemy (Jake Gylenhaal). If you would have seen her in the female ward, she would not have skipped your vision. The cute chubby girl who despite having less oxygen than normal at the moment, is talking ever so rapidly with someone. For the duration of the whole afternoon we were talking about innumerable idiocies in life and finally decided after 3pm to watch a sit com. Friends, a highly recommended show by her and RodMaster. I am not a fan of sit coms so I skippe then, but seeing as it sounded good at the time though, we watched the pilot episode. To be honest, it was weird seeing Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer so … thin and young. The pilot was great, I loved every second of it and Chandler’s very good one-liners. I still don’t like hearing the laughter cues but I did not mind them much. After a time, when boredom finally sunk it claws, we resorted to phones. She was on facebook, and me, reading people’s blogs. A fellow blogger just watched the film Split, and I wanted to read his review of it but I ended up laughing at his words so … skipped. Anyway, night time came and finally familiar faces entered the room. I was no longer alone with my friend and her mom and dad. In total, 8 people visited her. Not bad, considering it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s our school’s foundation week celebration. Smiles. Laughter. Jokes. Questions. Answers. Usual stuff they talk about when someone is in the hospital. Had another talk with a friend about another film (I know, duh!) Arrival. I recommended that he watch the film Hacksaw Ridge because I absolutely loved it. He liked it too, he said, but he recommended I watch Fences and Arrival too. Fences is in my list but Arrival, no. I told him “SciFi man na diba?” Clearly indicating the genre is not my cup of tea. He then said it is a really good film, so I had no choice but to put it. We talked a bit more about our school’s short film festival and we both loved Sore. For him though, he has basis since he has seen all entries. Mine, was solely based on what I’ve seen so far. I’d probably blog about the other films if they interest me.

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All in all, my Valentine’s 2k17 was fun, fine, awesome, and exciting. Later that day, I received a text from the company I applied to and that wanted me to come in for an interview and a written exam the day after (February 15). I agreed and sent them my confirmation, told my parents, and blah and blah and blah. All was well and all is well. Snow White, is finally up and running and she does not seem depressed or bothered by the loss of her puppies. Her brother, Prince Charming, is no longer scared of her and they are back to racing with each other – chasing cats. Class, mundane as it is, is tolerable because of friends and had some time with friends in our organization. I foresee busy days ahead of me but that is great. I actually prefer it this way. My mind is always on the move and I can think freely – no longer tied to boredom and I can freely converse with people and gather ideas. It’s actually nice. Experiencing the world once more. I think I’ve been cooped up in my room for so long I rarely have things to write about. Valentine’s Day, like any other day…
is someone’s death anniversary.
A nonexistent holiday for me.
I may have no boyfriend, but I have friends who get sick, TV, films, and the cinema is always only a ride away from school whenever I have the money and feel like it.



What was your Valentine’s Day like?

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