And Her Pups

To Snow White:

I know you won’t hear this. I know you wouldn’t understand. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Probably not much. 

Or probably too much. 

The first two died after birth. The third, died last night. 

I didn’t have the strength to tell you. I hope you understood why I kept feeding you – constantly following you as you look for your pup. 

I don’t know why it died. 

But know I never blamed you. 

All I could do was cheer you on. 

I’m sorry for what they said. Know that I still love you. With or without your puppies. 

Please forgive my father. If he keeps on shouting at you. Please forgive my good-for-nothing uncle, who says you do not know how take care of your kid. And do forgive the bringer of bad luck, the old man, who I still believe, is the reason you became overly stressed. Why you hid your pup. Why you were forced to keep on hiding it and it caused you to hide at the most dangerous of places. 

Snow, life isn’t fair. 

Soon, I hope you’ll stop looking.

Because your third pup died while you slept. It got stuck and it bled. I’m sorry we were never any help. 

I love you, and those three. 

Don’t worry Snow, some angels use fur instead of wings.

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