To My Dog

She gave birth to two dead pups.
A sad first-liner, so I’d deny it.
No she did not give birth to two dead pups!
She gave birth to two pups! Period!
But then, they died.
It is a sad truth, but truth … it is.
And I watched it. All of it.
As she gave birth to two dead pups.
And I saw the hurt in her eyes,
when she knew they were dead.
Desperately trying to revive them,
licking them, keeping them warm.
I swarmed up to my room as people came…
I, like all of them, unaware of what to do in the situation.
I watched helpless. I ate lunch in front of her,
watching her eyes.
They will filled with agony, hurt, pain,
and somehow – if I am right, acceptance.
‘Cause after a time, she stopped and breathed.
Trying so hard to calm herself.
I watched her howl, silently.
Howl. Like a wolf. Only with no sound.
But as I watched her, she knew I heard her sound.
For about an hour, I sat there in front of her –
crouching and just looking at her eyes.
Maybe because I wanted to somehow calm her down,
or just to calm myself.
Perhaps, it was me I wanted not to cry.
Perhaps by seeing her eyes full of pain, red and swollen from tears, I wanted to be strong for her.
There is a new pup, the third of her litter.
The runt, if you might say, I wonder if she will take care of her long enough for it to live.
I hope she does,
and I am sorry, Snow White,
your first babies didn’t make it.

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