Family… One Way or Another

Family Day, today. Mom, Dad and my brother in the gymnasium to celebrate this program in the school. There isn’t much to say about this event, really. It’s an annual tradition, usually for elementary students, to gather as a family and do recreational activities, and all the while for the families of my students to meet. Perhaps, to create bonds not only with the students, but with their families too. So, anyway, we are here and like always, it’s boring. Some might enjoy it, yeah, but I know for a fact I am not. I am too busy thinking about my dog. She’s finally about to have babies and then this happened. To make matters worse, I do not like the person left in our house. He is a nuisance. But this isn’t about me, nor the annoying old man in our house.
Family, the basic unit of society. What then would happen to Snow White? The joy of having one (a family), is an extraordinary feeling. What then if your babies do not survive? How would you cope? My professor in Logic told me that animals stops on the “instinct” level. Meaning, they have no “reason” or “logical ability”. Suffice to say, will my dog still be okay after today? If she does manage to make her last pup live, will she be back to the usual her? Playful, tireless, endearing? But what if the pup dies? What will come of it then?

P.S. Follow-Up post on this when I get home, 5 hours from now. Do wish my dog all the best! Thanks!

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