His Snore

I’m tired.

Today was tiring.

My body is tired.

And I can’t sleep.

Because he snores.
January 30, my uncle came from our province so he could live and study here while he takes his review classes in the city. At first, it was no big deal. It wasn’t like I wanted to sleep early and because my classes were all night classes, it didn’t bother me at all.  But the very first time he slept first and I was still awake, it became such a big mistake yet. His snoring is intolerable.

Really, really, intolerable.

Loud, disturbing, annoying. And to make matters worse, I formatted my phone to accommodate certain films I was planning to binge watch. Thankfully though, Nocturnal Animals has a very loud background music and the dialogues are continuous. So, to ease the disturbance, it’s on repeat. The problem here is, I still can’t sleep! Today marks the fourth night of this predicament and I am wearing thin. I stay awake at night, and sleep after lunch so that my parents don’t find anything odd. I do a pretty good job at staying awake and doing chores despite no sleep since I am not alien to the habit. However, this month is hell for me due to graduation stuff, exams, and duty hours for my scholarship.

So. I.Need.Rest.

It would be easier to tell my uncle to transfer rooms but if I do, the ones who couldn’t sleep would be my parents! Tried sleeping in the living room but the mosquitoes are making it hard. And the wooden sofa we have creaks. So I have no choice but to stay awake, really. Even now, as I write this, his snoring never stops. I’ve been thinking of good cars that can be compared to his snoring, but I just can’t seem to calm myself.

I am pissed, irritated, irked, pitiful, pathetic, and angry. I do feel for him. I just want to sleep. If he would have been as diligent as he is now, in studying, he would have passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers in one go. But he chose to wander off with people. I can’t say for sure why he didn’t pass after three tries. I, for one, should know better. And this is a very selfish and judgmental (and possibly immature) comment from me but maybe… maybe if he studied, he would have passed and my mom would not have dragged him to the city so we can monitor his studying hours. I am tired. My eyes are failing me. But everytime I close them I hear his snore and they pop open again. It’s raining now.

It’ll be extra cold in a minute do to the rain, and I would be wide awake. I might just try and sing to his snoring. I’ll try to find rhythm to this vacuum-like sounds.

Sleep is for the week!

And to cheer myself up, I can always say “Now, you haven’t slept for 4-nights straight!”

Have a snoreless environment, people. I wish you well.

14 thoughts on “His Snore

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