Grace in Losing… and Winning

If you win, enjoy it as if it’s your first time. If you lose, like it sometimes is, enjoy it… as if for a change.
History has been made for tennis history this weekend. Matches we have been waiting for, and they certainly did not disappoint! Saturday, featured a sisterhood rivalry between Serena (No.2) Williams and Venus (No. 13). Although not living up to the hype, the match was certainly full of drama and love between both sisters. So much love flowed after Serena wins in 2 sets, 6-4, 6-4. Back to claim her throne, S. Williams is celebrating her 23rd Grand Slam victory. Sunday, a match like no other… Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal face for the 35th time. This, their 31st finals match is undoubtedly one for the books. Both of them back after recovering from previous injuries, a lot is in it for them. Fans, even those that aren’t, certainly look forward to the face-off. Rafa, clearly a favorite among analysts in favor of his numerous wins against Roger (23-11). However, much to the surprise of many, and to spice things up for the fans, Roger clearly has brought his A-game winning the first set, 6-4 and having service aces in rows. Nadal clearly making it hard for the 17 time Grand Slam winner, he wins the second set by 6-3. The match goes on Federer clearly taking advantage of Nadal’s off-balance when using his forehand and still managing to serve beautifully. Fourth set, and Nadal manages to force it to a decider, 6-3. Before the fifth set, Federer requests an off-court medical timeout. As he goes back into court, huge applause and support roar from fans in the arena. The tension is clearly building up as the players attempt to try to finish up the game early. Nadal leads, Federer chases. Nadal serves, Federer returns. Set point after set point. Break point after break point. The crowd (including me) is breathless! Federer changing his game and forcing errors out of Nadal’s forehands. It certainly did not help Rafa when he did a double-fault at a crucial time making Roger having the advantage. What a rally in the first deuce too! Second deuce and still Federer gets the advantage. And he gets it! I am stoked! Just one more game for Federer to win. One more! But Rafa’s mindset is as hard as steel. Obviously making it very difficult for Roger. Love-30 (0-30). Tension in the air, for viewers as Federer serves his 19th ace of the match. Roger hits it for a deuce! Advantage and serving for championship point! Deuce! But… Another ace from the legend! Second championship point and I am out of breathe! The outcome is …. ROGER FEDERER wins! 

Nevertheless, what good games from Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal. In our language, we say it like this: Bahala ug pildi. Basta kay nakulbaan imong kontra. (It’s okay if you lose. Just as long as you made your opponent feel nervous.)
This is why sports is the best form of reality TV! Desperation in the athletes is always inspiration for someone like me.

7 thoughts on “Grace in Losing… and Winning

  1. Great article! Love it…I am a fan of RF of course 🙂 I’ve never seen a MAN like him in such a sport like tennis. He’s humble and respects all the players he faces. I wouldn’t have took him as the AO winner at the beginning of the season, but he proved to be still able to win a grand slam tournament.

    check out my blog as well!! and my post about motivation 😉

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    1. Thank you! This was so in the moment. I was writing while watching (though not that exactly, I recorded my words so I won’t forget) Hahaha. You should’ve heard me scream when Roger won!

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