Man’s Q&A

Man from ManVsLoneliness actually had 10 questions for each of his followers yesterday.
In response, here are my answers. It would have been easier to place them in the comment box but I decided otherwise. So, while the roudy people in the living room are making my life miserable, let me share away.

Man’s Q&A:
1. If your life were to be likened to a food, what would it be and why?
Undoubtedly, spaghetti. Sweet and spicy, the two flavors that best describe me. Meatballs and hotdogs, to rock things up a bit, and of course, that tangly pasta. Hahah!
2. What is the best way for a movie to live on?
I am always up for books being made to films but I’d prefer canon every single time. However, well made remakes are always a welcome sight. Nostalgia, at its best, so they say. The original Planet of the Apes was a cautionary tale about nuclear war while the remake was a cautionary tale about how technology can pervert humanity… so well executed remakes are a go. However, for me, a movie lives on if it cannot only be viewed in the eyes of the protagonist or the antagonist alone, but also through the eyes of anyone in the story. Watching films from a different perspective, and films that successfully pull this off, are one of the greats for me. Kinda like the nuance feel of Goodwill Hunting and Dead Poets Society. Drama, at one point, may turn comedic after viewing it for the nth time. And that’s what I’d always go for in a film.
3. What is a cuisine you have not had the chance to try but would like to?
I think I’ve only ever tasted Filipino cuisine. But because I’ve been into animes and manga since I was young, I would really love to eat Japanese-style food. Ramen, top of the list because… duh, Naruto! And curry, because of Detective Conan. If I ever do find more interesting food in the series, it’d be added to the bucket list for sure.
4. How do you pamper yourself?
I do almost anything that comes with the mood. JUST AS LONG AS I AM DOING IT ALONE. If I am not alone on my ‘me time’, no use.
5. If you could send someone else anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would you send them?
Funny. When I was answering this this morning, I wrote down… “Bro. Zoo. Because there are no zoos here.” But now, I am very irritated by the person in the living room. I am going to banish him to Mars! Hah! Let’s see him come back after that! Begone!
6. Would you rather be able to eat anything you want without getting fat or never have to sleep?
Is this a trick question? Am I reading to much into this? Erm… I would never have to sleep, because then, I’d get to eat all the food I want… ALONE!
7. What was the last most vivid dream you recall having?
Not to sure. Sandman’s been very decent these past few nights (years actually).
8. If I gave you the power to go back in time, would you choose to go back 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years?
9. What happens to you when you get hungry?
Nothing. The only time I forget to eat is when I am in my own rabbit hole and by the time I realize I’m hungry, there’s another rabbit hole!
10. What is something almost everyone notices about you immediately upon meeting you?
Screenshots for when I asked friends about first impressions.

It was too late then when I realized it isn’t what you were asking! Hahah. I’d go for weird. I’m a rare species. Also, I know tend to break expectations.I am not sweet at all.

17 thoughts on “Man’s Q&A

    1. Thank you! I read yours too! It’s actually midnight here and I’m looking for more fireworks in the sky since it’s chinese new year, that’s why I’m awake.
      Thank you for saying being different is good. Others don’t seem to think so. 😜

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  1. You should specify for the non-Filipino readers you meant FILIPINO spaghetti. I think the Italians would have a heart attack to hear your spaghetti is sweet and with hot dogs. But I do so love Filipino spaghetti with fried chicken. My bootleg Chicken Joy meal. Hahah.
    I love love love Japanese food! And you know there are plenty of good Japanese options in the Philippines. Teriyaki Boy is pretty good ‘imitation’ Japanese but there are some nice authentic places in Fort Boni, there’s Yabu with INCREDIBLE pork, Izakaya Kikufuji in Makati, EDSA Shangri La has a great ramen place to satisfy that craving: Ikkoryu Fukuoka.
    Also to all your ‘I want to eat alone’, I’m alone for two months and I’m telling you, I’m loving cooking and eating on my own. And going out to really nice restaurants and ordering a few dishes and some drinks is just great.
    My entire response to you became food related. Hahah. I think it’s because it’s lunch time here. Thanks for playing~

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    1. Sorry ’bout that. 😐 Hahah. Great places I’ll be sure to check out. I know! Eating food alone is heaven! Food. Couch. TV. Awesome! Haha. Not too bad then that I decided to open my blog before breakfast here. I’m starving. LoL. Happy Chinese New Year! Hehe.

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