I Am Not Watching

Not that done with sports related stuff just yet. Currently writing this in my room; away from the television and I’m just watching the live results via Google. 

I really want to watch the game, Nadal vs Dimitrov, but the people watching in our living room are so roudy. I don’t get it. The match is so intense and yet they manage to be talking and chatting! So noisy! It is very irritating.
We were eating dinner while watching the second set and they were going on and on about stats of the player, commentating on their own. Hello? You’re watching tennis! Not basketball! What I love about the sport is the sheer will of the athletes. Nadal was down, 4-1 in the second set. Going on and on about “Nah. Nadal will lose. Look! Tsk. He will lose for sure!” Who are you to say so? Sports is not about statistics! If it were, number one athletes should always be lax! But no! Stats are there only for the improvement of the players! For them to strive harder! Gaaahd. I hate it. Nadal managed to tie the set to 5-5 but what did they say when that happened? Nothing! Why? THEY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
No matter who wins, of course, it will be a great match between the players but judging just because of numbers? How pathetic! It’s not that simple! Sports is more than that!

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