Tennis. Comebacks. Life Lessons.

Some watch it for the action.
Others for the story.
I watch it for the thrill of making history!
Watching players battle it out in court is exhilirating. The tension, the pressure, the heat, the crowd, the opponent. I have always been a sports fan for as long as I can remember. Whoever said that sports is a good way to inspire people, is right. Athletes, and anyone who plays, really, is always an inspiration for someone out there. An inspiration to rise above all the hardships and overcome the odds. My father plays (played, rather) basketball and softball in his younger days. My mother, a proud basketball forward and a libero, it is not that hard to imagine why I am into sports, too. Sports, like books and intellectual conversations and movies, is a commonplace among us. It’s always a thrill to see and witness inspiring stories from athletes, not only in tennis but in all the games out there. Life is a competition. It is all about survival and sports, is, if not the best, one of the many many analogies and very good lens to view it.

S. Williams and V. Williams out to battle. #Sisgoals

This season of 2017 Australian Open, is a season for comebacks indeed. HISTORY is once again made. Venus Williams, now 36 years old, is back into the finals after 14 years. Serena Williams, her sister, back to reclaim her throne after losing last year. Lucic-Baroni, the very first Croatian to advance to the semis, though beat by Serena Williams, has had a very inspiring story of coming back after 18 years.Roger Federer – after six months of recuperation, his surgically repaired knee is not hindering him to perform like the great player he is. Rafael Nadal, awaits for his next match in the semis with Grigor Dimitrov.

R. Federer defeats S. Wawrinka in a 5 set match. Federer now in his 28th finals in his career.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of the sport or not, you have to hand it to these players. They have fought not only through the heat and their opponents, but also with pressure, disappointments, and expectations.
NBA says it, “This is Why we Play”.
A commentator in one of the matches said it best for fans, “This is Why I Watch”. 

For the stories. 

For the thrill. 

For history.

Witnessing every one of my idols beat against all odds and conquer the opponent is not only a sight to witness and be proud of cheering, but also a testament that determination, strength, and willpower gets you there. Not just raw talent. Losing, is a part of the game however, and as sure as someone is bound to win, someone will also lose. Experience has taught me, and with countless times of defeat to back it up, “if you win, enjoy it as if it’s your first time. And if you lose, like it sometimes is, enjoy it… as if for a change.”

Great athletes never let one defeat deter them from their goal. They get back up, dust themselves off, and get ready for the next match.

Serena, Venus, Rafael, and Roger. All veterans… and all in their early 30’s. They show no signs of stopping and what a sight to see their matches!

Like Serena Williams said it, “Thirties is the new ten.”

19 thoughts on “Tennis. Comebacks. Life Lessons.

          1. Yes, she is. Indeed! Such great stories and awesome people to look up to! I am also excited! Nadal’s match is coming up and I do hope he wins for a Nadal v Federer finals! 🙂

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  1. Not for me. Filipinos LOVE it though. My grandmother still plays well into her 80s. I tried learning but I was so distracted by the cute girl on the court next to me that I never paid attention and was too embarrassed to show how bad I was. Hahah.

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