A Poem for the Green Ball Players

Players hitting that green ball,

every rally filled with tension.

Smash! Hit! Rally! 

Linemen and referee, there to oversee.

Five sets for the men’s category,

three for women. 

Fault. Double-faults. Some of the terms,

Errors. Forced and unforced, add it to the jargon.





Still don’t know what I’m talking about? 

Hah! It’s intentional. 

Not an oversight!

P.S. I wanted very much to write about Roger Federer’s match against Mischa Zverev, but I wasn’t able to watch it live on the telly. I was all alone in our school’s library cheering for the 17th seed in the competition and for Nadal’s win tomorrow. If you’re a fan, M. Zverev defeated the current No. 1 Andy Murray, and despite having no rank to his name yet, his match with Andy was very entertaining. This poem is tennis inspired and as a fan, I badly want to see a Nadal vs. Federer match live on the telly, for once. Maybe next time, I’d see it live. Hahah. Fingers are crossed. 
*drops racquet* I MEAN… *drops mic*

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