Williams Sisters  in the 2017 Australian Open Quarterfinals

Day 8. First Match.

The 22 Grand Slam Champ and current 2nd ranked female tennis player in the world is in the quarterfinals for the 2017 Australian Open. An awesome and very much entertaining match from Serena Williams and Barbora Strycova ends in two sets, 7-5 and 6-4 for the American. With first serves struggle from Serena, the match proved to be a hard one for her especially serving from the Northern end of the court. And with seven set points for Strycova on the first set, long rallies and many unforced errors ensued. Both very unusual and rare gameplay for S. Williams. Serena barely making it, she gets the eight set point winning the first set and gaining momentum at last.

Strycova scurries early on on the second set. An agile and quick player, she proves to be one of the best movers in the competition. But experience and determination and “Serena power and attitude” prevailed in the match. In all three times, that both women have battled, Strycova is yet to snatch a victory from the American.
And with Angelique Kerber (defending champion and current ranked No.1) losing, only hours after Andy Murray loses (to another German… they seem to dominate now),  Serena Williams is determined to claim back the throne.

Venus Williams and Serena Williams are now both successfully in the quarterfinals. Venus set to fight against Pavlyuchenkova (Russia) tomorrow.

The Williams Sisters. Serena (left) and Venus (right)

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