Yesterday was tiresome. It was raining. And I don’t really know what came over me but let’s call it the “OCD bug” for now. I catalogued all books inside the house! Mine, my mom’s, my brother’s. It was fun, for the first few hours, I felt like the sales lady on the counter scanning barcodes and watching my books pile away in a heap. Hahah.


But afternoon came, and the rain still hadn’t stopped and I was really sweaty from all the scanning and squatting. It literally took me  a good 10 hours, nonstop to finish them all! My mom and dad got angry but I still paid no attention. OCD Bug, remember? Anyway. That was about all I did all day and all night last night. Aside from… also… going to school to a ‘class that did not happen because the professor canceled the class at the last minute.’ Home, was where yesterday’s adventures had been.

Feast your eyes. Haha. John Grisham, hi!

Today, another bug. Now, we shall call it “Irritated AF Bug“. By now, if you’d been paying close attention, you’d know I sleep very, very late (though I slept early last night because…) and that I wake up very early in the morning. So, just like the usual routine, today’s was no different. What irritated the heck out of me was the events of the last hour or so. Gaaahd! Even my dad who rarely gets pissed, got pissed! We were listening to the morning news on the radio. On the lookout for recent floodings anywhere in our city and whatnots, but instead, what we hear is … “Is there class today?” or, “Why is there no power here in our barangay. Please update.” Then what hit the mark, “The water level here is rising, should we be worried another flood will ensue?” and “There is class”. I couldn’t believe it! I have kept my mouth shut since Monday because of the event that may have traumatized some of the residents of our province. I actually get that we are all just doing our jobs, and trying to make a living but if y’all are not as so thick headed maybe you will understand my frustration! What is the point then of announcing a “state of calamity” if you’re all too fixated on jobs, school, salary, and not on safety!


I take the blame too. Monday would have been avoided or at the very least, the disaster reduced, if the drainage systems were properly maintained. Heck maybe even one of my plastic bottles or garbage even contributed to the three lives lost during that awful flood. Yes. No one expected it. Low Pressure Area. Tail End of the Cold Front. Some of us need to understand that these terms mean nothing to laymen. All they will – and can – understand is: water level, rise, flood, evacuate, alert. Gets? And the sad fact about it is this: Yesterday, I went to school picturing that maybe my institution is dry and that I can concentrate on studying and building my future. But what do I see? The basement… flooded, still! Dry and comfortable? Far from it! Of course mud is evident but heck! Why insist that classes resume when the school itself is not ready? What do you take your employees and students for? Tarpaulins? Waterproof beings? Or maybe you think we’re floaters?! That if somehow, by some curse, our city gets flooded again, we will float?! Yes, we must study and go to school, and work to eat and live and blah blah blah. But if we do not ensure our safety, there is no school or work to go back to and certainly no life to live! Get it?

As I have mentioned, my family and I were listening to the morning news. Listening for possible suspensions and other weather-related news. The anchorman is shitty. I absolutely am into opinion giving, shit, it is what I am even doing right now! But when you’re delivering news and on the clock for possible casualties, you do not stop to commentary! Do your job! I am sounding a lot like a jerk, I know but if you hate it, just get out. I am pissed and I am making a calm face to keep myself together. Hahah. Media people need to know what to prioritize. News are facts and numbers. Not comments.

I feel sorry for my people. This has become culture now. Where the media is who the public look up to for facts and opinions and major decisions in life. Who the hell are you sir, to tell us that we should just move on and get on to our jobs because it’s only rain?! Yes! But then again, it was also, ONLY rain last Monday now was it? The very problem with our city, our nation, is that the public seem to know better but choose to be dumb because of bad press and the government. Another thing. Government. Officials. Politics. Dear Miss DepEd Superintendent, you want your teachers and students to get stranded in their schools again? Do you want more to the body count? The heck?

I really am not up for all the pros and cons of just staying indoors in this kind of weather, because yes – when we die, we die. Irritating really, that I am saying all this in words and not voicing it all out to the proper authorities. The mayor is no help, the governor is out of coverage area. This city of ours has turned for the worst.

This just in! Our very good city officials, whereever DRY they may be, just announced there is no class! Whoo! Happy? Not even close! Class starts at 7am and you only announce there is no class by 7:30am? Where is your fucking brain?! By now half, maybe even most of your valued  citizens are off to God knows where! Now you’re sending them home while they’re in the middle of the road! Face palm, anyone?


The cure then, is bayanihan. The spirit of helping one another and not complaining. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Do we not take pride that we all go to Church during Sunday and even on feast days? If so, let’s all clean our places! Sure, maybe we can’t clean them all but if we clean each of our barangay’s drainage systems, next time, maybe next time… Who knows?

Here’s a pile of clothes I’m going to busy myself with to pass the time and cool my head off.

And before I forget my daily dose of sarcasm…

As for the fucking media and for my friends who went to school today, stay dry! You will need it. 

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