“An eventful and interesting Friday the 13th”

“An eventful and interesting Friday the 13th” – From the author’s little gray cells inspired by the events of the day 

Woke up, groggy, like she always does. Went down to do chores, like she always does. 

Today was different though. But different not only because it’s the first Friday the 13th of the year, no. Nor is it only because she’d apply for a job today, too. In many ways, this became an extraordinary day not like any other Friday she always wakes up to. 

The first three hours were mundane as mundane gets. Eat. Bathe. Brush. Home. School. Early she was, like someone she met. Early they were, like some people she saw. Twenty-three. She was the 23rd. Vying for the spot. Asked carefully selected questions and personal ones, too. Nothing she hasn’t handled yet, though. Nerves, yes – but she pulled through. In a week, she’d know if she made it to round two. 
Then lunch came and meet-up with friends. Ate spaghetti to ease the hunger and drinked pineapple juice to quench the thirst. Early afternoon, she had to say goodbye. Had to travel an 8-hour trip to ‘cousinland’, and pay respect to her late and beloved grandma, ‘Nanay’. All six of them, three husbands, a wife, and two kids. Road trip, to ‘cousinland’ that early afternoon. Half-past 5, they ate dinner and went on. All eyes on the road as they drove on. She watched as perfectly still objects like trees and houses, were still and yet seemed like moving. 

Constant comments on cars they pass by and/or overtake and idle chat was how they passed the time. All in all, a great drive to their destination. All six of them, bound to ‘cousinland’, the youngest boy, asleep. Managed to finish half of the book she bought before it got dark too. 

The author’s eyes, fixed to the view outside the window. The blouse she wore, long-sleeved, was her jacket from the cold. Her real jacket with her brother, sound asleep, his hand on her feet. She watched the road, like the other 4 pairs of eyes. She watched as the sky turned red when six o’clock came. She watched the bright red sundown unfold before her eyes. Straining her neck to see the stars, she now looks at the big bright golden moon hiding beneath the canopy of trees, and thin layers of cloud. 

An eventful and interesting Friday the 13th. She waited in line, like the others did. She ate lunch, like most of you, did. She stayed awake, like some of you are now. She will see through until dawn. The author bids adieu to you and your little gray cells too.
See you soon!

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