Love (Actually)

It’s very easy to be cynical about love. But when you’ve gone to numerous weddings, and witness countless marriages that don’t fail. Even long distance relationship that go against all odds and still manage to pull through. When you see these in the lives of your friends, and when you feel this from the people around you, you’d understand. That love is beyond all it’s definitions, really. It is more than all the meanings in the dictionary, combined. It us not just about the feelings, or memories, or attachment. Even in death, there is love. Like every irony. 

People don’t fall in love anymore. 

I argue, then, that it was never about falling in love with people. It is about being in love with them. All things that fall, get broken, after all. And even still, if one is broken, one can still love, and be loved. Because love is a noun, a verb, and an adjective. All of it combined to become the most powerful creation.

People just don’t fall in love.

 People love. 

And love, in the most simplest of ways… the love that lasts a lifetime…

is one that’s rooted in commitment.

For loving, is being in love and staying. Despite the emotions.

It’s very easy to be cynical love. Especially in this time and age. But you see happy couples and long time relationships in friends and colleagues, and you begin to wonder. 

Maybe there really is someone for everyone after all.

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