I Knew You

We met. 

In the most unexpected of ways.

Parted ways,

in the most inconvenient times of our lives.

We reconnected,

like desperate leaves in fall.

But leaves do fall,

when autumn comes.

I know not who did first – 

in the case of ‘us’.

But words were said,

and can never be taken back.

You broke me,

like I broke you.

You made yourself whole,

and I’m still blue.

But I see you smile,

I grasp for air…

unsure of what to feel.

You smiled your smile

and I wasn’t the reason.

Being blue … is better.

So much better…

than being over you. 

And so I chose not to. 

Because of your smile,

I became a writer.

9 thoughts on “I Knew You

  1. I really loved this!! Your words truly pulled me in! I also liked the image at the top- capturing a true definition of sorry ร nd one that I will remember. Thank you for this post โ˜บโ˜บ

    Liked by 1 person

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