Explicatory Salute (to and for) Me

Passed the exam! Yay! 🙂


God is good!

The examination was hard, the review was boring. I slept all throughout, hadn’t studied as much as I had wanted because of laziness… but determination and faith helped me, I guess.

I took the exam to becoming a certified bookkeeper on the 16th of October last year. Okay, so here goes: It is Level 1 of Levels 1-3 to becoming a Certified Accounting Technician. The certification will be issued by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Ever since I shifted course, I have had my eyes set on this.

Not really sure whether I wanna take the other two levels, though. Goals changed after shifting, you see. So, I had my goal set to having this specific certification before graduating. I was pretty nervous about it primarily because I do not know what would come out in the exam, literally. Even our review teacher didn’t know! And  top it all off with the time given! One whole year worth of topic, one book, one month to review on my own, and one week to study the answer sheets given to us (they were given late). To say terrified and about to give up, is to say the least.

But anyway, the day came, I came, showed up a little too early, wore my best smile, and walked into the room. I don’t remember much about the details of the exam. All I remember was how sweaty I was before the examiner came and as soon as the exam booklets were given, I answered. That was how I remembered it, really. I was calm, all through out the test. Not like any test I have taken over the years, but I treated it like I normally would other tests – calm and focused. Now that I think about it, it was hard. I finished it. And I especially remember cursing (yes, the examiner was there) with delight when I balanced the equation. Now, I know that is no guarantee, but yeah, I cursed as I passed the booklet and turned over my exam papers. “Holy shit! I finished it! And it’s balanced!” If you were to ask me right then, I would not have thought I’d passed it. I was just glad I finished it. I knew, from experience, that balancing debits and credits is not a guarantee of a correct answer. And from all the exams I have taken, that the hardest part is waiting. And results don’t come until two months after! Imagine that!

And so… December came.

No result.

Checked my email and the website everyday.


Finally, a friend decided to call the exam provider to ask about the hold up and we found out the results will be delayed.

Oh, okay. No big deal. Die and suffer for a longer period. Hah! Pressure and anxiety started to ease their way into me. My cousin just passed his licensure exam, had just graduated, I …. am…

Yeah. Okay. Move on. Anyway, I started to have doubts, tried so hard to remember the questions and whether I answered them correctly. Basically, I was preparing myself for disappointment. After all, it’s been more than two months now. Gotta move on and choose another path, I guess. But, naaah…

I open facebook and another friend posted an image of the passers in alphabetical order. Right besids hers, I see mine. And I can’t believe it!

I did not believe it. I had not received any email confirmation. Was it real? Is it? Checked the site.

Yup. Real, alright. Got up from bed, sweaty and ecstatic. Borrowed my dad’s phone to call a friend, and though my mom was sick, bothered her anyway to tell her the news! Yay!

To some, passing it may not be a big deal, or most people would just shrug this off… but this, like every other achievement we achieve boosts ego, don’t you think? And if you’ve been shitty the past few months, writing all kinds of sad and grieving stuff – desperately conjuring up jovial memories here and there to convince yourself you’re okay, and that mundaneity is ‘okay’, the timing is so perfect! This doesn’t equal to any and all of the bragging rights one may have, but it  gives me bragging rights nonetheless.

There is a lot left to do, however, going forward. Applying for international qualification and/or membership for NIAT.

*smiling from ear to ear*

All these and more, helping me build my path to goals and dreams now closer than ever.

You must do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.

With the hope that I can one day use this qualification to my advantage, I go …

back to writing the screenplay for the school film fest;

back to writing articles and stories for the school publication;

to reading the book I constantly find myself debating;

to doing chores in the house;

to school.

Gotta go back to my here-and-now, graduate, and meet the world once more… this time, with a tail after my surname.

All the best to us all. Have a blast y’all!

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