Grace in Losing… and Winning

If you win, enjoy it as if it’s your first time. If you lose, like it sometimes is, enjoy it… as if for a change.
History has been made for tennis history this weekend. Matches we have been waiting for, and they certainly did not disappoint! Saturday, featured a sisterhood rivalry between Serena (No.2) Williams and Venus (No. 13). Although not living up to the hype, the match was certainly full of drama and love between both sisters. So much love flowed after Serena wins in 2 sets, 6-4, 6-4. Back to claim her throne, S. Williams is celebrating her 23rd Grand Slam victory. Sunday, a match like no other… Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal face for the 35th time. This, their 31st finals match is undoubtedly one for the books. Both of them back after recovering from previous injuries, a lot is in it for them. Fans, even those that aren’t, certainly look forward to the face-off. Rafa, clearly a favorite among analysts in favor of his numerous wins against Roger (23-11). However, much to the surprise of many, and to spice things up for the fans, Roger clearly has brought his A-game winning the first set, 6-4 and having service aces in rows. Nadal clearly making it hard for the 17 time Grand Slam winner, he wins the second set by 6-3. The match goes on Federer clearly taking advantage of Nadal’s off-balance when using his forehand and still managing to serve beautifully. Fourth set, and Nadal manages to force it to a decider, 6-3. Before the fifth set, Federer requests an off-court medical timeout. As he goes back into court, huge applause and support roar from fans in the arena. The tension is clearly building up as the players attempt to try to finish up the game early. Nadal leads, Federer chases. Nadal serves, Federer returns. Set point after set point. Break point after break point. The crowd (including me) is breathless! Federer changing his game and forcing errors out of Nadal’s forehands. It certainly did not help Rafa when he did a double-fault at a crucial time making Roger having the advantage. What a rally in the first deuce too! Second deuce and still Federer gets the advantage. And he gets it! I am stoked! Just one more game for Federer to win. One more! But Rafa’s mindset is as hard as steel. Obviously making it very difficult for Roger. Love-30 (0-30). Tension in the air, for viewers as Federer serves his 19th ace of the match. Roger hits it for a deuce! Advantage and serving for championship point! Deuce! But… Another ace from the legend! Second championship point and I am out of breathe! The outcome is …. ROGER FEDERER wins! 

Nevertheless, what good games from Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal. In our language, we say it like this: Bahala ug pildi. Basta kay nakulbaan imong kontra. (It’s okay if you lose. Just as long as you made your opponent feel nervous.)
This is why sports is the best form of reality TV! Desperation in the athletes is always inspiration for someone like me.

Man’s Q&A

Man from ManVsLoneliness actually had 10 questions for each of his followers yesterday.
In response, here are my answers. It would have been easier to place them in the comment box but I decided otherwise. So, while the roudy people in the living room are making my life miserable, let me share away.

Man’s Q&A:
1. If your life were to be likened to a food, what would it be and why?
Undoubtedly, spaghetti. Sweet and spicy, the two flavors that best describe me. Meatballs and hotdogs, to rock things up a bit, and of course, that tangly pasta. Hahah!
2. What is the best way for a movie to live on?
I am always up for books being made to films but I’d prefer canon every single time. However, well made remakes are always a welcome sight. Nostalgia, at its best, so they say. The original Planet of the Apes was a cautionary tale about nuclear war while the remake was a cautionary tale about how technology can pervert humanity… so well executed remakes are a go. However, for me, a movie lives on if it cannot only be viewed in the eyes of the protagonist or the antagonist alone, but also through the eyes of anyone in the story. Watching films from a different perspective, and films that successfully pull this off, are one of the greats for me. Kinda like the nuance feel of Goodwill Hunting and Dead Poets Society. Drama, at one point, may turn comedic after viewing it for the nth time. And that’s what I’d always go for in a film.
3. What is a cuisine you have not had the chance to try but would like to?
I think I’ve only ever tasted Filipino cuisine. But because I’ve been into animes and manga since I was young, I would really love to eat Japanese-style food. Ramen, top of the list because… duh, Naruto! And curry, because of Detective Conan. If I ever do find more interesting food in the series, it’d be added to the bucket list for sure.
4. How do you pamper yourself?
I do almost anything that comes with the mood. JUST AS LONG AS I AM DOING IT ALONE. If I am not alone on my ‘me time’, no use.
5. If you could send someone else anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would you send them?
Funny. When I was answering this this morning, I wrote down… “Bro. Zoo. Because there are no zoos here.” But now, I am very irritated by the person in the living room. I am going to banish him to Mars! Hah! Let’s see him come back after that! Begone!
6. Would you rather be able to eat anything you want without getting fat or never have to sleep?
Is this a trick question? Am I reading to much into this? Erm… I would never have to sleep, because then, I’d get to eat all the food I want… ALONE!
7. What was the last most vivid dream you recall having?
Not to sure. Sandman’s been very decent these past few nights (years actually).
8. If I gave you the power to go back in time, would you choose to go back 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years?
9. What happens to you when you get hungry?
Nothing. The only time I forget to eat is when I am in my own rabbit hole and by the time I realize I’m hungry, there’s another rabbit hole!
10. What is something almost everyone notices about you immediately upon meeting you?
Screenshots for when I asked friends about first impressions.

It was too late then when I realized it isn’t what you were asking! Hahah. I’d go for weird. I’m a rare species. Also, I know tend to break expectations.I am not sweet at all.

The Stranger

When the cows go off on their own,
the grass grow tall.
And when the stranger came back to,
no one was pleased enough to offer him a chair.
But he sat down anyway,
because that’s just how the stranger is.
Respect begets respect –
and education taught the man to
better let things run its course.
For soon, the wandering cow will grow hungry,
and miss the green, green grass.
And the educated man will be at peace
because the stranger will leave.

I Am Not Watching

Not that done with sports related stuff just yet. Currently writing this in my room; away from the television and I’m just watching the live results via Google. 

I really want to watch the game, Nadal vs Dimitrov, but the people watching in our living room are so roudy. I don’t get it. The match is so intense and yet they manage to be talking and chatting! So noisy! It is very irritating.
We were eating dinner while watching the second set and they were going on and on about stats of the player, commentating on their own. Hello? You’re watching tennis! Not basketball! What I love about the sport is the sheer will of the athletes. Nadal was down, 4-1 in the second set. Going on and on about “Nah. Nadal will lose. Look! Tsk. He will lose for sure!” Who are you to say so? Sports is not about statistics! If it were, number one athletes should always be lax! But no! Stats are there only for the improvement of the players! For them to strive harder! Gaaahd. I hate it. Nadal managed to tie the set to 5-5 but what did they say when that happened? Nothing! Why? THEY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
No matter who wins, of course, it will be a great match between the players but judging just because of numbers? How pathetic! It’s not that simple! Sports is more than that!