Shared Poetry: Rag-Picker

Last week, I participated in a prompt challenge in a site called Blogger’s Paradise.  They had the amazing idea of two bloggers co-writing a story/poem in response to a prompt and they (the participants) had to do it alternately with a partner. That is, one must respond to the other one’s comments; to get the ball rolling. I am no stranger to shared poetry and to completing sentences or rhymes because I have a buddy for that (my clown, among others) but I wanted to try if I could do it with someone I knew nothing about and if I could somehow know what he/she is going to reply to my comments next. Curious and excited for the challenge, I gave my line… waiting for a brave soul to reply to it. And sure enough, someone did.

I had the awesome privilege to meet OrangeDilip and had an amazing time concocting this poem.
It was difficult, not knowing what to respond at first… but I do think we did great.
Here is my first attempt at shared poetry with ‘strangers’.

The Rag_Picker

Dilip & M.Gin

There is beauty, there is life. In these things I scavenge.
Polyethylene covers thaws in heat, putrid revenge
I harm myself just to survive.
Sometimes hard; sometimes harder
In this filth, I quench my thirst and feed my hunger.
In this filth, i collect thy cover like never — forever;
The hope of having a brighter tomorrow dims every day.
Yet the courage to gather food prickle…
Because until the day I die, these rags may be my only riches…
My inner light begins to glow;
my mind stirs; when they call
me ‘The Rag-Picker’

Weekly Prompt #1: Rag-picker

12 thoughts on “Shared Poetry: Rag-Picker

  1. I must thank M.Gin for working with me on this brilliant piece.. Glad it came out well.. Amazing isn’t it?

    There is mystery
    There is color
    There is beauty
    There is magic

    Waiting to work with you on similar lines.. Best lucks.. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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