The Girl and her love for Music

I don’t know where I’m going but do you got room for one more troubled soul? – Alone Together, Fall Out Boy

Music is always there. In good times – or bad. Even our ancestors expressed their story through music. But good music is not only seen in the melody, harmony, or lyrics alone. Neither is it only about how all of these elements combine. Good music is art, supposed to make its audience feel. And also, made for many various reasons. But for me, good music, all good music say three words. And these three words are enough to entice its audience.


Regardless of what genre we listen to, we will always opt to listen to those we can relate to.
I am here. I feel what you feel. I have been down that road. I understand you. And that is what I love about it. 

The Philippines has songwriting competitions held every third quarter of the year. It is a big deal for most lyricist and composers in my country. Every year, new and eclectic song types and music get released and Original Pinoy Music is losing its hold on the Filipinos. And as a Filipino, I feel the pain. After all, song and music is a part of one’s culture. A stronghold that holds a nation together. And in these trying times, a song might just be enough to uplift spirits everywhere. Music was how Filipinos chose to pass the time when they got victimized by Typhoon Haiyan, every Christmas, TV station Christmas jingles are released to show how Filipinos value the Christmas spirit.
Music is a strong part of our culture and will be, for many more generations to come.


Pick any small town… it’s where we’ll be the day they lay us on the ground. – Pick Any Small Town, Josh Gallagher

Songs about life in general; relatable, real, and widely true are common themes in music. Songs like these always make my playlist and it’s not always because of its catchy melody or because of the drums.

Darling don’t go leave me all by myself. – Darling don’t go, Sundance Head

Love. Whether for a person, self, or a higher being, love may be the widely accepted and most wrote about topic for songwriters. Artists like Taylor Swift, Adele, and Ed Sheeran have made a fortune by either making us fall in love or ache. All in the name of love.

I don’t need your wishes. – Wishes, We McDonald

Songs that inspire us are also another thing. The songs that motivate us to go farther than we have ever dared. These are the songs with powerful messages within them. They remind us that we are the captains of each of our ships and the ones that encourage us to be braver than we already are.

I want to be your wanderlust. – Because of Me, Billy Gilman

Music is my refuge. Not a day goes by that I don’t  sing or hum a tune. Writer’s block? I plug in my earphones and sing. Sad? Happy? Angry? Excited? Grieving? I guarantee you there is a song for that. Whatever the occasion, whatever the feeling, whereever, music is most certainly there.

13 thoughts on “The Girl and her love for Music

      1. Like I still every now and then listen to Asin and Apo Hiking Society and Florante. I love their songs and like my idol Jackie Chan who learned English from listening to country songs, I practiced my Tagalog singing Apo songs! And then like 15 years ago my cousin showed me Callalily, and that was my last foray into Filipino music.

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        1. You certainly do have good taste in music. I grew up listening to those bands too, along with revolutionary songs along side. Your cousin has got good taste too! I really like Callalily; Hale and Eraserheads paved the way though. Honestly, I’m surprised noone studies the evolution of Pinoy music.

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          1. Hahaha. Laughing. Literally laughing. That is saddening. Filipino music being remembered for those kinds of songs. Our new NCCA seems hopeful, but still not enough to put our music culture into books. Someday, maybe.

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  1. This is how I feel about alternative and KPOP. (Ok I don’t know Korean so I have to look up translations sometimes.) It’s just something I can relate to and it soothes me. It really does. Music is a wonderful thing.

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