I Graded my Blog and it got an A+!

A fellow blogger shared a link where one can grade or rate his/her site. Curious and scared, I visited it, typed in my site’s url for what seemed like the gazillionth time I might have had … and quietly waited for the results.

I was expecting a lower mark, obviously, but imagine the shock and the pride when this greets you!

I AM IN AWE OF THE WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE! Hah. Okay, that was a misplaced joke but yeah. This is awesome, right?! I do not know how they grade me though. If it’s solely based on traffic, I might have scored lower. If based on number of posts, maybe …. yeah. I can understand their rating. But not to sound overly narcissistic than I already am, I am proud of where this online journal has reached. I have had quite a run, literally. Posting almost everyday, numerous posts per day, and just literally about anything! This community and the people I have met have been such great blessings and wonderful additions to my experiences in life.

This is my journal – online journal. Right now, I am all of these.

Happy. Sad. Grieving.

Ecstatic. Sorrowful. Excited.

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