It does not happen in a day

And the tears are never always there,

but you know that you are sad

and that you are grieving.

You try your best to deny it –

be that jovial clown that you are,

but sadness gets the better of you

and no matter how many jokes

or how loud your laugh is,

you know they’re empty.

Hollow lies to fill a now empty void.

You know it well.

All too well, in fact.

Having been to numerous funerals before

and watching too many films on death.

Death is reality.

A cruel fate – destiny,

and that tomorrow might not come for you

like it didn’t for the one you love.

Because life is uncertain,

death is inevitable

and all one can really hope for

if you really think about it

is a life well-lived,

a painless death,

and a legacy that will live on

for ages.

It will.

As long as “you” remember.

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