Pain as therapy

Sometimes, exposing yourself to even more pain is therapy. It’s soothing. It numbs you and makes you forget about the root of the real reason you’re aching inside. 

13 thoughts on “Pain as therapy

      1. No my love. The best of us don’t live in misery. The best of live in a happiness we develop for and within ourselves. It’s what keeps us going. It’s what reduces our blood pressures. It’s what, irrespective of the circumstances, keeps beautifully genuine smiles on their faces.
        There’s a quote from somewhere, “haply girls are the prettiest”. Trust me that quote is very true. Genuine happiness and smiles (that they create for themselves) is enough to make them exude some ethereal glow, basking in joy and dwelling in tranquility. A smile is the best make up anyone could use and I’m not talking about the plastic ones here.

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        1. Awwww… Thank you, Shayma. That’s without a doubt, the best make up indeed. But in all honesty, what I really meant was, the best of us live in misery because we all have ups and downs and I truly believe that those who are able to survive even the deepest trenches, are the best. Hhee. The truly messed up people, sometimes become the wisest because they’ve had so many mistakes and now that they are wise, hence can live life fully, smile genuinely, and live freely. Smiling, the best things you can do with your lips. Your words never fail to inspire me. Thank you! I needed this. 🙂

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