“1 and two zeroes after”

There is no easy way to say this so I will be quick! Haha.

Today marks my 100th day of blogging and this is my 300th post! This calls for a celebration. Pop the champagne!


August 18, of this year, I published my first post in this welcoming community, WordPress, Their Wait  It is a short fanfiction story centered on characters from my favorite fandom, Harry Potter.
A lot of things happened since then. I’ve met new people. Bonded with some of them, (twitter and late night convos count right?) and of course, in my first one hundred days of this wordy adventure, I learned.


I guess you could say that I started this blog to escape my reality but somewhere along the way, I realized, as I was making this  that this became my reality. But I didn’t want my posts to be mostly like how others share their lives. Videos, vlogs, and cheesy narrations. I have always been a poet,  and I think that life in itself is a poem. Hence, the tagline, living life poetically.


The very first follower! (Deniz Yalim)

To start off. Ain’t that grand? From the very first one. Now here we are…. MANY. More than one is …. MANY!

The very first commenter! (Commenters?)


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The very first person to recommend me good stuff! (stephsmata.wordpress.com)

She was kind enough to recommend a book on poetry and I couldn’t be more happier. A lot of you guys have commented about books and great films too, most of them already checked out and watched… and blogged about. Others, still on my TBR list. Haha.

The very first person who nominated me for an award! (manvsloneliness.wordpress.com)


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I have garnered awards and ever since receiving my very first one from Man  a series of them came flooding after and I couldn’t be more thankful! The amount of recognition I am getting is not what I’m after, after all, but I am always very much grateful to those who notice my rants, ehem, chocolates, and award me for them. Haha! I do not know what I might write about in the future, but I do know that they  will be an amalgam of flavours.

The very first person to feature me in her blog site! (idealizeblog.wordpress.com)

This person is just amazing. I never knew one could feature other bloggers, until she emailed me! The response rate since then spiked and I’m happy she still sticks around up until now. Despite my recent melancholic writings. Haha.

The very first person who invited me to write for another site about my love for films! (atthematinee.wordpress.com)

This dude is actually an angel. He saw my post on Kubo and the two strings and invited me to write on his site! He is not only kind, and very accommodating, but he really takes time to answer even my most trivial questions. I have not posted new stuff there yet, but for any of y’all still keen on reading my views on certain films, further posts will also be uploaded here so no worries, okay?


I scoured through my 299 posts and I laughed at how many my grammatical errors were. Hmmm? And nobody noticed? Or nobody even bothered to tell me? Hah! Well, that is not the issue though. I laughed at how, over the past few days, I have been so keen on writing and writing without even taking the time to review and reread my posts before publishing them. My posts became my drafts, simply put. And as I read and reread them, I somehow realized my consistencies, inconsistencies at times, and even my redundant words. LoL. I do not really know whether that is a good sign or not. All I know is, I am having a blast and I am liking every moment with this amazing community. I prefer it this way, though. Not having to think too much and just write whatever comes mind. Free flow writing. It is also mainly the reason why I get so ecstatic when someone likes my posts. They’re just rants that rhyme! Thanks, though. I hope you do read it and not just like everything. *smiles* I also noticed how swift my changes in perspective are. Haha. More than once, I have written consecutively, about happiness and sadness – in that order, sometimes in the eyes of the victim, and sometimes from the viewpoint of the cause of the pain. I never actually thought I could write like this. I have always contented myself with writing like how most of my peers do, “like how we see it in television”, but reading amazing blogs from amazing people has really helped me,I guess. Everyday, I get new ideas just from lines from different blogs and I jot them down. Everyday; sad, happy, frustrated, depressed, angry, I write (sometimes they take a while to get uploaded; phone bill issues.) Writing. Good writing is innate. Great writing isn’t. We are all creative, the artists are the ones who survive, as a fellow blogger so cleverly put it and I couldn’t agree more.


Whatever happened to the person I wrote most of my poems about? He knows this exists. I told him. Surprisingly, he likes it. Heh. He better. OR ELSE. It is too soon to tell whether I’d be over him, but I know I’m getting there. Contrary to public belief, my descent to madness came before the creation of this site. What I write, and will write (about him and us, particularly) are figments of my memories and reopened wounds. I learned, that sharing is not that bad, really. Keeping it in and choosing to hide from the fact that we are nothing more than friends now, is. So, to him, he can also celebrate my 100th day, if he wishes.


Over the past 100 days, I talked about my lies. I talked about the films I have watched. I talked about the movies I love. I also talked about what I feel about happens in my country. History, politics, and friendship. Why Ronald Weasley is my favorite fictional character. These and a whole lot more. I have a lot to share to a whole bunch of strangers and to the others I have started to know already. It was a great 100 day journey and I’ll be eating this ice cream, cheering and hoping for another hundred or so, more. And here’s to more people who will relate to the awesome weirdness and to the few brave souls willing to taste my chocolates! *pops confetti*


12 thoughts on ““1 and two zeroes after”

  1. You are just amazing, am awesome blogger, poet, writer and a great friend. I’m so proud of you, your 100days and 300posts, WOOW. Hopefully I’ll get that far 😉 and for your clown, all I have to say is He’d better be happy and even buy that champagne for you. Heck. You are making him famous 😀 lol. Congratulations once more and looking forward to more awesome adventures with you 😉 lots of love

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