Her Words

Little do you know I see through your facade. Behind your smile, your hollow lies, and nameless jokes that will never see the light. Little do you know I know you’re hurting. I understand the pain even when you won’t say it. I know the pain all too well, in fact. How a crowd can make you feel even more lonely. How noise can never drown out your sorrows and how tears can never wash away the guilt. Little do you know it keeps me up at night. How there are no demons under the bed because they’re all in my mind. They tell me stuff about you, I know are not true. You’re weak, you’re never going to pull through. You are just like the rest. Naive and shallow and easy to break through. But I know you are not, are you? I believe in you. Little do you know. 

You might not know this, but I do. I believe in you. Because that’s how much I love you.

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