Sir Stratton’s English

I was not intimidated by you. I didn’t think you were strict. Truth be told, I had no first impression. My first thought when you came into the room was, “What is this American doing here?”

One thing I remember though, was your lesson on prepositions and you asked the class whether it’s in or on the third floor? 

And we all said, in the third floor!

You went to the board and drew the floor with a stick figure inside. And it was so sarcastic! It was so sarcastic it stuck with me! 

You, sir, are a very brave, selfless and kind person. 

You’re not even a Filipino. 

You’re an Englishman.

Who came to the Philippines to teach students a language we, Filipinos, are prided to know. 

And yet every lesson you give reminds me I have a lot to learn, still. 

Thank you, sir. For your generosity.

And I hope you never tire and do not regret your decision coming here. 

You are an inspiration. 

I am blessed to have met you. 

You and your English lessons.

And your rebus puzzles! 

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