I’m silently loud

Too much politics for the day for me.

He may be the best president, so far

He may have built too many buildings to count,

But the true measure of heroism is not in any of these

And though he is a war veteran,

And though he is a soldier,

True heroism is beyond all that.

And yes, in their defense

a single mistake should not discount his countless efforts

nor his numerous successes

But what do we know really?

If even history is hidden to most of the citizens?

What would we know really?

If we believe everything and not analyse  the news?

Libingan ng mga bayani


Libingan ng mga bayani at isang magnanakaw

I agree we must move on

I know that we must heal;

as a country, a nation, as citizens;

but that doesn’t mean we 

will be silent.

I am for all (so far) of what the present Commander-in-chief is doing

but this…


I knew this was coming.

And yet nothing was done to

stop it. Not one in the Senate,

nor the Congress.

A sneaky former soldier, 

buried in a sneaky manner.

Whose fault is it?

I would rather not blame anyone.

Like I said, 

too much politics for one day.

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