He’ll Be Fine

Went to school early today

to finish adding my last subject.

There I met with friends, peers, and colleagues

and by noon, went home with my daddy.

We stopped at a store to buy lunch.

Apparently, though he was late in picking me up,

he hasn’t cooked any.

And so we went, the usual

reheat the rice, and serve the food.

Lunch was, as usual, ordinary.

Then after eating and all chores were fixed,

he couldn’t keep calm! 

Upstairs. Downstairs. Upstairs.

Then finally, settled downstairs since it’s comfy.

Had to give him my spot at the longer sofa ’cause he wanted to sleep. 

Then I noticed the strong odor

of herbal oil on his body.

And I became more observant of his breathing,

and his constant twisting and turning.

I did the cooking then, 

for dinner. And left for school after.

I hope he gets better soon.

He’ll be fine.

He’s my father after all.

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