My memory is like my cabinet, 

unkempt and scattered. 

Chaotic like my soul.

It is a lane I fear to transverse

for I do not know what I would find

and I fear regret would creep itself back in. 

A monster I feed.

my desires, my despairs.

Though in memory, I lightly tread

It is a mind palace I rarely visit.

Because of all its secrets.

Doors and pathways,

corridors I’d rather avoid. 

In it, somewhere inside the palace, there’s you. There is us. 

A silent prayer. 

A long forgotten prayer 

of us ever becoming real. 

But there along the corridors,

are guards I placed. 

Sentinels to keep me away

from the place I used to love to visit

back then when the wound was fresh,

and hope was still clinging. 

There in the messy hallways, 

lie my regrets 

and various disappointments. 

How I chose to not greet you 

because you failed to greet me too, 

but you never seemed to notice. 

There lay epic failures. 

Adorning the stairs are poems 

unwritten and undiscovered 

even by me. 

Hung up on the walls 

are framed successes 

I pay no attention to.

My memory is like my cabinet,

disorganized and yet,

I know every nook and cranny.

It is my haunted palace

and yet I treasure it like gold.

Because somewhere in that lane,

the creepy hollow grounds,

inside my unkempt palace,

there’s you.

There’s us.

3 thoughts on “Mnemosyne

  1. i don’t have much criticism for poetry, ;/ not my best side. I’ll keep reading yours to see what sprouts from my imagination though. This one I admired, the mind is for the most part unoccupied, but when their are special memories in store the empty space feels full! Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s perfectly fine. Just to be read and understood, is enough for me. Thank you. I hope some of my weird writings and experiences in life do inspire you. And yes, I agree! Empty spaces full of memories. Glad you love it. 🙂


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