I wrote this? Really? (Part 1)

Cleaned up my closets and found journals. 

This corny piece was written on the 27th of August, 2008. 

For laughs, and nothing else, I decided to not change a thing in my original piece. 

ABC Friends Forever, 123!

We are friends forever,

You assured me as we were together,

walking down the highway carrying books

and of course, while talking, exchanging looks. 
We were friends from kinder ’til college.

Then suddenly, I transferred to a village.

It was time lo leave.

You wanted to give me your remembrance

and so I gave you a chance.

You said to me a special rhyme,

I will never forget through time.

We are friends, ABC, friends forever, from 123…

I clapped and bid farewell

and my goodbye turned to tears that made a well.

We met shortly after college,

I was shocked to see you change

and when you told me you’re engaged

I was so happy for you

and you were happy for me too

’til the day you got a sickness

I stood there beside you wearing a dress.

I told you I’d pray to Jesus.

But you stopped me and said,

“Friends, from kinder to college…

Words start with ABC but friendship starts with you and me.”
I was 12 years old then, still on my first year as a high school student. 

The nostalgia is sinking in. *sigh* 

I wrote this? And my handwriting! That was what it looked like back then?  Hmmm..

This is fiction. In case you’re wondering.  

21 thoughts on “I wrote this? Really? (Part 1)

          1. Haha that’s awsome. I wish I would have kept some of my old writing. I threw them away because I was embarrassed. There was only one piece of writing that I was proud of and it was about a utopian society.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Awwww, I do get embarrassed about some of the stuff I wrote before too, but mostly I just laugh it off anyway, so no harm done I guess. Wow! That is cool! It survived! Haha. I am sure it, along with the others, are great works.


          3. I hope so. There story is finished, but I want to revise it with my collegiate level mind because I’m pretty sure my twelve-year-old mind didn’t how to use vocabulary.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Lol thanks. I’ve kept it buried for so long. Now might be the time to bring it back out again. It kind of reminds me of what’s going on today, sadly.

            Liked by 1 person

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