A Hilarious Review on Dr. Strange

Stressed and wanted to watch Dr. Strange to relieve the tension from work. Because let’s face it, who could go wrong with any of the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? This is a very long overdue post, so forgive me. Done? Let’s continue.

Dr. Strange is the 14th film in the MCU and the first origin story/franchise starter in the MCU’s Phase 3 which will include Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming, Black Panther, Ant Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and the two-part Avengers: Infinity War. And they certainly raised the bar higher than ever with Dr. Strange topping charts and beating all its predecessors in gross sales. After all, what role has Benedict Cumberbatch ever played that isn’t cool, right? Hah.


Back to the story. The film is generally about a narcissistic guy, at the top of his game, gets in an accident, embarks on a journey of finding his self and being… ultimately, a hero. Sound familiar? Nope. This is not Tony Stark aka Iron Man we’re talking about. Stephen Strange, a surgeon, a very cocky surgeon, ends up in a terrible accident that damages his hands and so he has to go to a place where he learns the kung fu of Inception and The Matrix. Cool, right? Ha! But it’s true! As I was watching the film, I could not help but get amazed at the special effects; the slow-mo shots, the mind bending, world bending stuff, and the astral projection effects. They had it all!


It looked pretty much expensive and they delivered great! As for the actors who played the characters, I really had no qualms. Chiwetel was great as Mordo and casting Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One was genius!

She did an amazing job as one. Also, Dormammu? The other villain in the story, is voiced by Benedict himself. How awesome is that? He is now both a Marvel hero and a Marvel villain? Way to go Mr. CB! Now for the film as a whole, it’s been such a long time that Marvel has released an origin story, and one with such a great back story at that. If any of you are not aware, the events of the film happened while The Avengers were fighting back in New York. The MCU is pacing and the end fight is getting near. Still, as a fan, I still have questions which hopefully will be answered in the next films. Dr. Strange, aside from its very much eye-appealing special effects, did great in its screenplay. Packed with wit and humor, I went into the theatre expecting no less and I got more than I expected! There were a lot of funny scenes. I think this one could easily come second to Deadpool’s number of jokes in one scene.
So here goes my list.

Best Actor: The Cloak of Levitation

Best Supporting Actor: Master Wong


And to add to this hilarious excuse of a movie review, now that Benedict is in the Marvel franchise, and so is Robert Downey, Jr., imagine this scene:

They meet, one way or another, and one of the characters make a dumb comment or something and either one of Benedict or RDJ will say something witty. And then… one of the other Avengers say, “No shit, Sherlock!”

The laughter! I have been imagining this scene since freshman year, and at that time, BBC Sherlock was still on its second season and nowhere near the Marvel franchise.

My dream is coming true. Haha.
But over all, kidding aside, the film was really great and very much fun to watch. This film has set the tone for whatever else may come in the MCU and I am stoked to see more.

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