Do I need to expect in order for it not to happen?

What prompted the title is that for the last 5 hours, I have been watching episodes of a series entitled How To Get Away With Murder. It’s a series by ABC about a defense attorney and her five students. A mystery, suspense thriller full of action, drama, and wit. The scenes are mostly within the courtroom and the main protagonists are lawyers so expect law jargon. This is nothing like another series, Suits, though. 

If you are familiar with both of the series, you would immediately understand but if you are not, Suits has a bit of a contained environment when tackling legal stuff; not to mention them being corporate lawyers. Law jargon is used but not always. Although, the class and the sassiness of the lawyers portrayed go head to head with the guys in HTGAWM. 

On the other hand, How To Get Away With Murder is a film strongly rooted and centered into 7 main protagonists involved in the intricate plot. To add, Annalise Keating (the professor) is a defense attorney. And though still in its 3rd season, with the response it is getting now from its fans, it will stay. Despite its plot twists. Talk about a less messy version of Game of Thrones; or a less spine-tingly and make-you-question-your-morals House of Cards, hah.
They’re still in their 7th episode and I am getting depressed and so devastated by the minute. It seems as though my theory on who the next body is going to be is right. And I do not like it. Not one bit. I watched the show because of its amazing pilot episode and stayed because of this character. Now, they’re telling me the writers killed him off? 

Please let it not be true. It would be a good plot twist, though. If he dies, serious questions could arise and I would seriously lean more towards the bad guys side. I’d have to wait and see, I guys. Like all of you fans.

*tucks myself to bed because it’s 2am here* 

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