This Just In. Literally.

It wasn’t until he opened his mouth and hugged me, that I realized how much I missed him.
It was like any ordinary day,

Like it should have been,

nothing eventful. 

I wanted to wander around 

before class starts by 7:30 in the evening 

so I, and another dear friend, 

went to the mall.

The plan was for me to just

accompany Jebs until we met Luke.

And we met Luke.


I said, “Hi. I came to say goodbye.” 

and laughed; the usual me. 

He and I shared a bit more 

laughter than necessary but

I knew I had to go.

So I did.

And right before I turned my back, 

he shouted:

“Aww, too bad cuz…

You’re going to miss out on an intellectual masturbation.” 

I laughed, and shouted back,

“HAH! I have mine!”
Now here I am, writing this. 
I miss them. I miss him. 

They’re the very few who get me.

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