A Diary? Maybe?

October 29, Saturday

October 30, Sunday

Busy day. Woke up at 1 pm in the morning; got dressed up and ready for a family outing. And by 3 am we sharp, we were Tagum-bound with an elf, a multicab, and two motorcycles. Approximately 40 people travelling a 3-hour trip to the beach for the holidays. I rode in the elf along with some of my cousins and their parents. We were like sardines… all snuck up and snuggly in there. We were cramming for space, but we were having fun so it’s fine. It’s not like we were driving at a really fast speed, anyway. Nope. We really weren’t. And it’s not like we were daring each other, (all dressed like we were already at the beach, that means no jackets just shirts and shorts) who would sit and crawl under for warmth. We were having fun despite the cold and we were laughing. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had my fill of their silliness, so you can imagine my joy. This is one of those days where a simple “I am happy” would suffice and no words nor photographs could properly depict the joy and warmth — the feeling alongside such very cool and awesome people. We were roudy and loud, and just being the awesome people we are in everyday life, and I absolutely loved it! The view was great too! It had trees and so who would pass up the chance to climb it? I certainly didn’t. I, and two of my other cousins, climbed trees before dipping into the ocean just for laughs and of course, photographs. Haha! It was really, really fun. I could recount every single activity of the day but to outsiders, I am pretty sure it would be boring. One does not simply say, “we did this…”, to someone and expect that someone to feel the excitement of the author, right? 

For the four days that we stayed in Agusan del Sur, my father’s hometown, it was in one word, bliss. A day, an hour, or even a moment with any of my cousins always brings me bliss. They have this uncanny ability to make me smile even at my absolute worst. Just to be in a room with them is heaven. I missed them. I didn’t know it until now. 
October 31,  Monday

It’s raining. I have to thank the rain for having such great and impeccable timing. It’s our third day here and we’re due back home on the 2nd day of next month. I always like having to visit my cousins here in the countryside. The stillness of the night. The only alarm clock is the rooster’s call. And I could walk on end without people having to look at me like I’m homeless. Haha.  

Home away from home! 

Concepcion, Agusan del Sur.
November 1, Sunday

Undas. Day of the dead. All Souls’ Day. 

A day we remember our loved ones and go to the cemeteries and light candles on their gravestones. I, personally see it as a reunion. 
November 2, Monday

Homeward. I am a sucker for goodbyes so I contented myself with hugs. Taking as much pictures and videos as I could at the very last minute, so I can remember their smiles. 

There’s always next year, I say. 

Undas 2017. I am counting the days.

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